Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Proposes Big Fines for Tech Companies that Ban Lawmakers

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The new regulations of a proposed law in Florida include a user opt out of algorithms that suppress or influence the content users see, users must be given a 30-day notice when their account has been blocked or suspended, and tech companies may be sued by individuals for violating the law’s tenets. Penalties related to interference in elections include a $100,000 daily fine levied against any company that deplatforms political candidates. -GEG

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on Tuesday night that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s Big Tech crackdown will likely set the standard for the rest of the country.

Governor DeSantis announced on Tuesday sweeping action against Big Tech companies, designed to tackle rampant censorship from them, which has mostly been targeted against conservatives and supporters of President Trump. As National File reported:

Some of the new regulations include a mandatory opt-out from content filters created by Big Tech companies, which can leave users “shadowbanned” without the need for full platform removal, a right of action for all Floridians against Big Tech companies who violated this, and a number of daily fines related to interference in elections, including a $100,000 daily fine levied for any company that suspends political candidates.

DeSantis claimed that the Big Tech companies were the number one threat to democracy and freedom of expression in America.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson on Fox News on Tuesday evening, DeSantis said that Floridians wanted protection against being censored by Big Tech, and said his action would end up “being a really good first step” in tackling the dominance and control of Big Tech companies over the lives of ordinary Americans.

“There’s always been the question, what do you do about this?” DeSantis asked. A lot of us have thought that there’s been something wrong for a long time, but to just sit back and hope it gets better, that clearly wasn’t going to work, so we’re leading, and I think it’ll be good.”

DeSantis added that there would likely be a big fight in the legislature against his plans, but that hopefully his administration would garner “a lot of support” for what they’re doing:

“I think most folks do want protections for their privacy and their data, I think most folks want protections from being deplatformed,” said DeSantis. “And it’s just not being banned from Twitter or something, as we’ve seen, these companies… can collude, they can deny you, if you’re a small business, of payment processing, of the ability to use email and text.”

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Additional source:   https://www.newsweek.com/ron-desantis-proposes-fining-social-media-companies-100000-if-they-ban-state-lawmakers-1566650

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