President Trump Signed an Executive Order to Investigate Voter Fraud

May 11, 2017 Carter, Gateway Pundit 1

President Trump’s latest executive order will form a bipartisan commission to review potential voter fraud. He said that the commission will be looking at evidence of voting by illegal aliens and those claiming to be someone who is deceased. The biggest potential for vote fraud is the ability to program vote-counting machines but, so far, this has not been mentioned as a point of inquiry. […]


Israeli Threat-Hoaxer Planted Drugs On A US State Senator And Threatened To Murder The Children Of A Pentagon Employee

April 27, 2017 Richard Silverstein 0

Israel: Last month the FBI discovered that hundreds of death threats against Jewish facilities in the US were perpetrated by Michael Kaydar, a 19-year old Jewish man who claims to have a brain tumor and to be autistic. Actually, he is high-functioning entrepreneur who ran a cyber-terror supermarket on the dark web, offering services such as threatening phone calls to private homes for $40 and threatening school massacres for $80. Kaydar threatened a former Pentagon official that he would kidnap and murder his children. […]