EMF-Testing Professional Says 5G Microwaves Must Be Outlawed

May 27, 2019 G. Edward Griffin 4

Dr. Artra became alarmed over the fact that the telecom industry is hiding scientific proof that EMF radiation causes biological damage at levels far below what now is commonly found in metropolitan areas. If 5G is legalized, we will be exposed to much greater power levels and higher frequencies that damage human DNA.


Trump Will Struggle To Dismantle Huge Climate Policy Machine

January 26, 2017 John Cushman 0

President Trump is clamping down on federal agencies dealing with climate change. This involves thousands of employees, grant recipients, and contractors. He has temporarily frozen EPA grants and contracts and shut down the agency’s public communications. The EPA and other agencies are removing climate-change information from their websites.

Mixed fruit

GMO Apples Will Hit Supermarket Shelves In February 2017

January 24, 2017 John Johnson 2

Okanagan, a Canadian company, will begin selling ‘Arctic’ GMO apples that are genetically engineered to resist browning. The company has Arctic versions of Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Fuji apples, and expects to add more. The only way customers can detect the GMO apples is to scan the product code (not many customers carry around a scanner) or to rely on stores to state they are GMO apples – which most stores have no intention of doing.