Trump-Hating FBI Agent Peter Strzok Fired!

August 14, 2018 Fox News 0

Mr. Strzok was the lead investigator on the botched Clinton email case, he changed the language from ‘gross negligence’, a legal term, to ‘extremely careless’ in the charge against Hillary, he knew there were 675,000 Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, but he redirected FBI attention at the Russia collusion allegations against Trump.  […]


FDA Buying Aborted Baby Tissue to Create Humanized Mice. Really!

August 10, 2018 Breitbart 0

The FDA is negotiating to buy aborted baby tissue to create ‘humanized mice’ with a human immune system to be used for drug testing. Genetically engineered (so-called humanized) mice already have been created using other sources, including umbilical-cord blood cells and peripheral-blood stem cells. […]


ICE to Sue Portland over Mayor Ted Wheeler’s ‘Stand Down’ Orders to Police Forcing Them To Ignore Distress Calls from the Federal Agency

August 6, 2018 Fox News 2

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler ordered the police department not to intervene between the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) and pro-immigration protesters who surrounded the ICE building and prevented people from leaving or entering. If ICE wins in court, Mayor Ted Wheeler will not face any penalties. […]


Patriot Examines Creepy Slides Used during a Secret Government Retreat

August 3, 2018 Grindall61 0

Gary Gileno uncovers a slide presentation that was used in a secret vacation retreat for California mayors, city council members, city managers, and county supervisors. The slides include such things as war games in local areas, to ‘Smart City’ programs to control the population, to laws that encourage crime and allow for the early release of violent criminals. […]


Republican Lawmakers Introduced Articles of Impeachment Against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

July 26, 2018 Breitbart 1

Rod Rosenstein, the top official in the Department of Justice (DOJ) overseeing Robert Mueller’s investigation, is being impeached for failure to comply with House oversight requests. The House conservatives further chastised the DOJ and Rosenstein for withholding embarrassing documents, knowingly hiding information, abusing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) process, and failure to comply with Congressional subpoenas. […]


Banned Movie Shows American-Born Billionaire, Bill Browder, Not As A Warrior against Russian Corruption, But As The Corrupted One Himself

July 26, 2018 Andrei Nekrasov 10

A documentary film, The Magnitsky Act: Behind the Scenes, shows Bill Browder, an American billionaire, as the schemer in a Russian tax fraud case and that led to a law that imposes sanctions on Russia rather than the crusader has been effectively banned in the US by Browder’s attorneys who threaten law suits against any theater or video outlet that considers presenting it to the public. […]