RNA ‘Vaccines’ Are GMO Implants, Not Vaccines

January 19, 2021 David Martin 1

Martin says Moderna describes its product not as a vaccine, but as “gene-therapy technology” in SEC filings. Neither Moderna or Pfizer make any claims about their products creating immunity or preventing transmission. Moderna’s own clinical study says it is “impractical to measure infection.”


Gavin Newsom Plans To Buy All California Real Estate Foreclosures

January 14, 2021 Matt Aitchison 4

Matt Aitchison says a new law in California, SB 1079, will result in the State entering the real-estate-foreclosed home business, which essentially removes competition from investors, and could ultimately socialize real estate as a whole. He warns that this policy may spread to other Democrat-run sates.


New Study of 10-Million Chinese Debunks Concept of COVID Transmission

December 29, 2020 National File 0

The false narrative of asymptomatic transmission has been the justification for political lockdowns all across the world. The CDC falsely advanced claims that asymptomatic people “are estimated to account for more than 50 percent of transmissions.” However, there is no scientific data to corroborate this position.