False Claims Still Being Spread about the Capitol Riot

February 22, 2021 Glen Greenwald 2

The pattern of calling the Capitol incident an armed insurrection is a gross mischaracterization of what actually happened. False narratives are being used to militarize Washington, DC. Both parties are still exploiting it for a new domestic War on Terror. And the FBI is on the prowl for so-called dissidents.


Joe Biden now Calling for Wearing Masks Through the Next Year. CDC Recommends Wearing 2 Masks Even After Fauci Backtracked.

Dr. Fauci has flip flopped on masks numerous times and said at the beginning of the Covid scare that masks were not necessary. Then he stated that masks “need to stay on” until everyone is vaccinated. He backtracked on wearing two masks by saying, “there is no data that indicates that it is going to make a difference.”