Highly Cited COVID Doctor Reveals that the Government Is “Scrubbing Unprecedented Numbers of Injection-Related Deaths”

If this were any other vaccine, it would have been pulled from the market after 50 unexplained deaths. The CDC reviewed about 1,600 deaths and indicated that not a single death was related to the vaccine! The doctor said it is impossible to opine that none of the deaths were vaccine-related without thorough investigation.


Document Shows Pfizer Anticipated That Those Injected with mRNA Might Transmit Infection to Those who Are Non-Injected

The document defines SAE (Secondary Adverse Event) as an adverse event in someone who was exposed to someone who received the mRNA shot. It lists ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion and neonatal death as SAEs. It then says that exposure during breastfeeding can occur through inhalation or skin contact.


Canadian Doctor Warns that Moderna COVID Injections Killed and Permanently Disabled Indigenous People in His Community

Dr. Charles Hoffe, MD, administered 900 doses of the Moderna’s RNA COVID-19 injections to those who wanted them. He said that out of the 900, two people went into anaphylactic shock, one person died, and several others have suffered permanent disabilities. He was rebuked when he suggested pausing the jabs.


The Covid Con Game and End Game

April 26, 2021 Dr. Lee Merritt 5

After examining the Covid vaccine’s devastating effect on the immune system and projecting the number of deaths that will be caused by that over time, Dr. Merritt concludes that the end game is human depopulation – a long-held goal of those who are the funders and designers of the vaccine. What if she is right?