Bill Gates: AI Can Help Solve ā€˜Digital Misinformationā€™ Problem

February 14, 2023 Breitbart 3

said that he was shocked that people would deny the validity of election results and would “attack” the Capitol on January 6. He described ā€œpolitical polarizationā€ as another social ill that could be partially remedied via the use of AI to reduce ā€œconfirmation bias,ā€ implying more censorship.


#Twitter Files: Ex-FBI and DOJ Employees Were Embedded in Twitter for Political Censorship

Twitter’s censorship ranged from suppressing information on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which may have influenced the 2020 election, to banning Donald Trump, a sitting president, to censoring information that was disadvantageous to the Democrat party. The Twitter Files have failed to expose censorship related to COVID.


AMA Asks Atty General to ā€˜Investigate and Prosecuteā€™ Speech Critical of ā€˜Gender-Affirming Treatmentsā€™

Gender transition treatments may include surgeries such double mastectomy and the removal of sex organs (testes and ovaries) causing sterility. Many people and parents object to life-altering gender transition treatments in children. 13 state attorneys general implored Garland to reject the organizations’ demands.