Verizon and AT&T to Roll Out 5G on January 19 after FAA Requests Delay

January 6, 2022 CNet 0

The carriers are set to use frequencies from 3.7 to 3.98GHz, but the aviation industry argued those radio airwaves may interact with instruments like altimeters that use the 4.2 to 4.4GHz ranges. Carriers agreed to lowering tower power levels nationwide with even stricter limits around airports.


Internet Shutdowns: The New Authoritarian Weapon-of-Choice

September 5, 2021 Protocol 1

Over the last decade, governments worldwide have intentionally shut down the internet at least 850 times, with a whopping 90% of those shutdowns taking place over just the last five years. As more people go online, governments see it as a threat and seek more control.


Apple to Begin Scanning Your Photos and Encrypted Messages

August 8, 2021 AP 1

Researchers say innocent people can be easily framed by sending the target seemingly innocuous images designed to trigger matches for child pornography. Other abuses could include government surveillance of dissidents or protesters.