Sweden: After The Recent Truck Attack, The Cry Is Being Raised To Ban Cars And Trucks To Stop Terrorism!

April 13, 2017 ZeroHedge 7

Sweden: Following the recent truck attack in Stockholm, a Swedish tabloid, Aftonbladet, called for banning cars and trucks because they can be deadly weapons for terrorists. Reducing the number of vehicles in Sweden was endorsed last month by Karolina Skog, the Environment Minister, who said that driving is a gender-equality issue, because more men drive than women, and reducing driving would also reduce carbon emissions.


The German Government Will Allow 270,000 Syrian Migrants To Bring In Their Families, Which Could Double The Immigrant Population

The German government, supported by Angela Merkel, granted nearly 270,000 Syrians in Germany the right to bring in family members. More than a million migrants flocked to Germany in 2015 and 2016, but arrivals have dropped significantly. This new rule is expected to cause Merkel and her Party to fall in popularity in the upcoming September elections.


Ron Paul Asks An Interesting Question: Could Nuclear Threats By North Korea Be An Insider Game That Provides An Excuse To Increase Military Spending?

April 6, 2017 Ron Paul Institute 0

Ron Paul analyses recent nuclear threats by North Korea and concludes that, while one should never be complacent about such things, we should be aware that the greatest power of nuclear weapons is psychological, meaning that merely threatening to use them can produce benefits that could not be achieved by actually using them. Paul says that, in the past, North Korea manipulated the US by making threats in order to receive large amounts of money to cease the rhetoric. On the other side, the US military industrial complex profited immensely by using the nuclear threat to justify even more military spending. The ongoing threat of war can be profitable for both sides in this game.


Accidents Involving Driverless Cars are Blamed On Humans. Could That Be To Protect Car Makers from Liability?

March 30, 2017 David Knight, InfoWars 0

An Uber driverless car in Tempe, AZ was involved in a high-speed crash that is being blamed on another car driven by a human. Experimental ‘driverless’ cars still have people behind the wheel because they have to override the robot every .8 miles. Every 100 to 200 miles, they have a potential for a $5000 accident or a traffic fatality. (Note: the first 2:20 minutes are advertisements.)


President Trump Begins To Remove Coal Industry Shackles Placed There By Obama

March 30, 2017 EuroNews 0

President Trump signed an executive order directing the EPA to start the legal process of withdrawing and rewriting the Clean Power Plan that limits the permissible emissions of harmless carbon from power plants. This was considered to be the center-piece of Obama’s climate policy and the attack by environmentalists against the coal industry.


London Parliament Attacker Was Khalid Masood, A British-Born English Teacher

March 23, 2017 RT 0

London: British-born Khalid Masood was named as the suspect in the recent car and knife attack in which four were killed and twenty-nine injured. The attacker mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and then charged the gates of the British Parliament. Masood has a prior criminal record including assault with a knife. He is said to have worked alone, but eight other suspects also have been arrested.