Westerners Must Challenge Muslim Theocratic Extremism

Fox News Commentator, Tucker Carlson, says America must not “become Europe” by embracing immigration of those who are hostile to Western values.  A startling number of Muslims living in Europe support an anti-Western ideology. (20% of British Muslims sympathized with the motives behind the 2006 London subway bombings that killed 50 people.)  A former Islamic extremist, Maajid Nawaz, says the ‘lone-wolf’ theory is a myth, because 80% of jihadist attacks are organized though networks with matching ideologies.  The lone-wolf theory enables security officials to falsely claim they had no way to predict or stop the attack, Nawaz recommends that all people, Muslim and non-Muslims alike, must challenge theocratic ideology. –GEG

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Was Global Microsoft IT Outage, Caused During CrowdStrike Update, a Trial Run for The Great Reset?

Dan Dicks said that this outage was a trial trial run in preparation to take out global supply chains or it was used implanted code to be utilized for a larger cyber attack to kick off The Great Reset. He warned against central bank digital currency CBDC and recommended tangible assets and exiting the globalist system,

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Meta’s Creepy Skin Deep ‘Security’ Idea

July 16, 2024 Reclaim the Net 4

Meta, aka Facebook, filed a new patent application detailing a method of authenticating users by combining vocalization – “and skin vibration.” Documents reveal that this is the kind of biometric data which uses not only a person’s voice but also how speaking causes that person’s skin tissue to vibrate.

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