Sweden to Prosecute Woman for Reporting on Facebook that Migrants Torched Cars and Defecated in the Streets

Sweden: A 70-year-old woman reported on Facebook that migrants were burning cars and defecating in the streets. The government claims that this was a disparaging view of migrants and, therefore, it violated Sweden’s law on incitement to racial hatred, a crime which carries a maximum penalty of four years in prison. The woman does not deny writing the post but challenges the law by denying that telling the truth is a criminal act. –GEG

A 70-year-old Swedish woman in Dalarna is being prosecuted for hate speech after claiming on Facebook she saw migrants defecating in the streets and setting fire to cars.

According to the prosecution, the woman “expressed a disparaging view of refugees” on Facebook. She stands accused of having taken to the social media website in early July 2015 to make the “derogatory” post, alleging that migrants “set fire to cars, and urinate and defecate on the streets”.

Prosecutors in Sweden say the woman’s message violates the nation’s law on incitement to racial hatred (Hets mot folkgrupp, or HMF), a crime with carries a maximum penalty of four years.

The accused admitted that she wrote the post but denied committing any criminal act. The evidence against her consists of a screenshot from Facebook, according to local media.

People took to Flashback, the net’s largest Swedish language forum, to criticise the state’s decision to prosecute the pensioner, with one poster lamenting the accused “has fallen into the clutches of the politically correct”.

A user with the screen name ‘Nospheratu’ pointed out that the original idea behind HMF was “to prevent large-scale propaganda by political parties” against demographic groups, with lawmakers “having 1930s Germany in mind” whilst passing laws. The user slammed the law for being used to “prosecute old ladies on the bus” criticising immigrants.

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Patricia P Tursi
Patricia P Tursi

In 2003, I was in France. I was warned not to walk down The Champs Elysees at night because the gangs of males from Algeria (primarily) would attack and rob. The history of Colonialism has resulted in animosity and in poverty for those economically kept in poverty. This is still going on in the Mid East, South America, Africa, etc. Qaddafi had a goal to use the Gold backed Dinar to unite Africa. We know what happened to Iraq and Libya. According to Gen Wesley Clark, the US has had plans to take out 7 countries in the Mid East… Read more »


The ability to hate your enemy is a fundamental tool of human self defense. That is why your enemy doesn’t want you to use it.

Phillip Mezzapelle
Phillip Mezzapelle

Next time she should report on seeing people handing out Bible tracts in a peaceful civil manner. This way Sweden will give her a medal of honor!

Matt K
Matt K

Well as far as I know, “migrant” is not a race.