The Pope Gives President Trump A Document Promoting the Theory of Man-Made Global Warming Written by Depopulation Advocates and Pagan Worshipers

When President Trump visited the Vatican this week, the Pope gave him his encyclical on climate change. An encyclical is a document bearing the signature of the Pope that expresses his personal opinion or that of contributing authors. It is without religious authority and is not binding upon the church or its followers. The encyclical on climate change was written by globalists who are collectivists, depopulation advocates, and whose reverence for Gaia (Mother Earth) is on a par with any pagan religion. –GEG



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8 Comments on "The Pope Gives President Trump A Document Promoting the Theory of Man-Made Global Warming Written by Depopulation Advocates and Pagan Worshipers"

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Hi Mr. Griffin. First i want to say that i appreciate what you are doing. Your work is so crucial in these crazy times. I wanted to point out that the globalists main methodology is to CO-OPT everything and distort it. Of this you are likely aware, but you may not realize that paganism is not synonymous with the globalist collectivism. We as living things ARE interconnected, but that is not the same as supporting collectivism. I do believe that the Earth is a conscious being, and if you study the most cutting edge research that has been suppressed (like… Read more »
Doreen Agostino

I agree. Bless and thank you for grounded clarity.


The Pope is anti-Christ. Not THE anti-Christ, one of many according to the 39 Articles of the Church of England. I hope President Trump wakes up to this.

‘Ken’s’ thoughtful and eloquent response to GEG’s article and specifically, his apparent slighting of religions which actually respect the planet with which humanity has been gifted, mirrors my own thoughts after having read it. There is MUCH more going on here, on numerous levels. The misleadingly labeled ‘elite’ are not practicing the earth revering religion of paganism, they are instead mired in something inherently dark in ways that most of humanity finds incomprehensible to understand. The rest of us, who have stumbled down that rabbit hole and are aware of the unspeakable evil, wish we could ‘unsee, unhear and unread’… Read more »
Tony DeAngelis

As charismatic and educated as this Pope is, he needs to learn his place.
Since global warming is not a settled science but a political issue at this time his opinion is of no value at this time. He needs to keep his encyclicals on matters of the Catholic religion at this time.


Just like Trump should learn to do the same???

Doreen Agostino
“The Roman Curia, under the leadership of the Roman Pontiff, creates, defines and sets up the rules of play for all corporations worldwide. That’s why the Pontiff retains the right to amend or repeal the “laws” of any corporation. It’s his game, under his copyright, and he can do what he likes with it. the Roman Pontiff and his vassal Monarchs control everything that is incorporated.” Anna von Reitz is an American Common Law Superior Court Judge [no B.A.R. card], Land Jurisdiction in Alaska, a Constitutional Scholar, Federal Postal District Court Judge for the Western Region, and legal advisor… Read more »
a.k.a. gort

If I was Trump I would have wiped my ass with it…