The #1 Worst Food for Your Heart (Hint: It’s Not Sugar)

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This is the worst food for your heart—it’s not sugar, but it’s everywhere! Dr. Eric Berg, a chiropractor, explains that both sugar and omega-6 fatty acids, such as corn oil and soy oil, are very bad for the heart. But trans fats are the the worst. While trans fats were banned, many processed foods are made with partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated oils that contain trans fatty acids. Berg said that every increase of trans fat by 2% in your diet dramatically increases the risk of heart attack by 20% to 35%. The trans fats become part of your cells and are no longer fluid, causing arteries to become hardened. Trans fats can be consumed indirectly when used in animal feed. Trans fats are made from canola, corn and cottonseed oils that are often genetically engineered.


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8 months ago

Thank you G.E.G. for this. Fats and oils are indeed the main culprit here – also the leading cause in humanities fat crisis as well. They pin the blame on carbs but they lie a lot!

Super Tiger
Super Tiger
8 months ago

I disagree. Sugar is the number one culprit for the top three causes of death in America and has been for generations. They put cancer warnings on everything BUT sugar. Cancer LOVES sugar. Doctors use sugar solutions to FIND tumors.