Avian Flu: Pfizer Spin-Off Company Is Lobbying to Require a Universal Vaccine for Chickens

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In 2005, officials at the World Health Organization warned that vaccinating chickens against the avian flu was actually contributing to spreading the disease. The media has reported there has been a large spike in avian flu cases, linked to the death of tens of millions of chickens.  The New York Times reported that more than 58 million farmed birds in 47 states and birds in the wild have been affected, and it has spilled over into mammals, such as mink, foxes, raccoons and bears. Nine cases of avian flu have reportedly been diagnosed in humans in the last 15 months, but there is no sign that it is spreading person to person. If chickens are required to get vaccinated, they are likely to be banned for export.

Mass-vaccinating birds has the potential to reduce the severity of avian influenza but not halt transmission. Zoetis, the largest producer of medicine and vaccines for pets and livestock, is lobbying the Biden administration to adopt a a universal vaccine program for chickens. Zoetis split from parent company Pfizer in 2013. Zoetis’ CEO, Kristin Peck, is a board member at BlackRock.


In 2005, World Health Organization warned that vaccinating chickens against the avian flu was actually contributing to the spread of the disease.

Nearly two decades later, a large spike in avian flu cases, the death of tens of millions of chickens and the steep increase in egg prices are among factors driving the Biden administration to consider mass vaccination of poultry, though no decision has been made and other ideas are circulating, too.

“There are a range of options the United States regularly considers when there is any outbreak that could affect the security and safety of the United States’ food supply,” a White House National Security Council spokesperson said in a statement Monday, according to The Hill. “Right now, we are focused on promoting and enhancing high-impact biosafety practices and procedures.”

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the risk for an avian flu pandemic in the human population is low. But a pandemic-weary nation may be averse to taking a chance it could happen. And more is known about how to do a mass vaccination, as well.

According to The New York Times, “The bird flu outbreak, which began early last year, is the biggest in the nation’s history, affecting more than 58 million farmed birds in 47 states, as well as birds in the wild. It has already spilled over into mammals, such as mink, foxes, raccoons and bears, raising fears that the virus that causes it, known as H5N1, could mutate and start spreading more easily among people.”

The CDC sent samples of flu virus for drug makers to have on hand if a vaccination needs to be created. The Times said the CDC is also investigating whether test manufacturers “would be willing to develop tests for H5N1, similar to those used for the coronavirus.”

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Gateway Pundit:    https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/03/biden-regime-considering-vaccinating-chickens-in-response-to-bird-flu-outbreak-to-boost-bidens-political-fortunes-could-destroy-poultry-industry-and-harm-humans/

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La Rue
La Rue
1 year ago

another way to destroy a food supply

1 year ago

Germ theory is shown to be a fraud. let’s stop propping it up. Viruses have never been found and no microbes have been shown to cause disease. VIROLOGY is an utter unequivocal fraud. “germs” dont make you sick. period.

they are poisoning chickens just like they are poisoning us. they want to get us any way possible. we must expose the ENTIRE lie. Virology and germ theory are a lie. all such injections, “vaccines” or otherwise have utterly zero impact on preventing or reducing disease of any kind whatsoever. the jabs are nothing but genocidal poison.

1 year ago

Only if you believe that viruses exist. They have never been proven to exist. Germ theory is a pharma lie.