Trump’s Call for ‘Freedom Cities’ Plays Right into the Globalists’ Plan for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Former President Trump has pledged to build a new generation of cities on federal lands, where everyone is prosperous, safe and secure with lots of police and flying cars. Trump is rebranding ‘smart cities’ that are fully monitored and controlled, into ‘Freedom Cities’ because the globalists’ climate agenda doesn’t resonate with conservatives, and the globalists needed a prominent conservative political voice who could sell it to conservative patriotic Americans.

Trump has a history of talking tough against globalists but then bowing to their demands, like he did with COVID vaccines. When Trump attended the World Economic Forum in early 2020, he congratulated Klaus Schwab for “doing a fantastic job”. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, and son-in-law Jared Kushner, are products of the WEF’s young leaders’ programs.


  • Trump pledges to build new generation of cities on federal lands, where everyone is prosperous, safe and secure with lots of police and flying cars
  • Everyone who is awake knows that all modern cities are being developed or redeveloped as ‘smart cities’
  • And what is a ‘smart city’? Maybe Trump doesn’t know, or is he just playing us?
  • Trump’s history of talking tough against globalists but then kow-towing to their demands, like he did with the vax, should give us pause.

For several years now, myself and others with an eye toward the future have been warning people to get out of the cities or risk becoming a ward of the burgeoning technocratic “beast” system.

Through their “smart city” technology and various engineered emergencies, the globalists hope to lure us into stack and pack housing where they can more easily control us with 24/7 surveillance and near total dependence on the globalist infrastructure for our jobs, transportation, food, water, healthcare, entertainment, etc. Aldous Huxley, author of the 1931 novel, A Brave New World, foresaw the end result of technocratic advances mixed with creeping centralization even back then.

Modern globalists tell us their plans in the wide open. They say that by 2030, if we will just trust their plan to create a Fourth Industrial Revolution, we will “own nothing and be happy.” Of course there is a downside to the utopian dreams, which one of their leaders, Yuval Harari, warns us about. He says openly that most humans will become “useless,” replaced in our jobs by artificial intelligence, and kept pacified by drugs and various digitized entertainment.

The price to pay for enjoying all the free stuff thrown your way in the cities, will be that we must comply with a new set of rules. These rules will be connected to a social-credit scoring system like they have in China.

This is why we preach non-compliance and building self-sustaining lifestyles outside of the cities and suburbs.

But low and behold, the paragon of American conservatism has now come out of the woodwork with a contrarian message, a message built on repackaged, reformulated smart cities as the way to go moving forward.

Because the globalists’ climate agenda doesn’t resonate with conservatives, the globalists need a prominent conservative political voice who could take their message and communicate it in a way that appeals to conservative patriotic Americans.

Enter the perfect stooge: Donald J. Trump.

In the same way Trump offered his services to the globalists when he sold their deadly mRNA clot shots to conservatives, he is now signaling to them that he is willing and available to be used again — this time to convince us to move back into the cities, where we will be safe, secure and well taken care of.

Trump over the weekend used a campaign message for his 2024 presidential run to tout his idea of building 10 futuristic smart cities on federal lands, a project he would bid out to private mega-developers.

But instead of calling them “smart cities,” Trump, in classic Trumpian form, has rebranded them as “Freedom Cities.”

Watch and see if 99 percent of the “conservative” media isn’t taken in by this.

Instead of being evil smart cities run by Democrats, when Trump builds them they will be sexy “Jetsons-like Freedom Cities,” a place where conservatives will flock to buy new smart homes connected to the smart grid with their smart cars zipping vertically up and down from one place to another within 15 minutes of their homes. In fact, the New York Post has already introduced the Jetson’s aspect of Trump’s Freedom Cities. How cool is that?

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Kevin Courtright
Kevin Courtright
6 months ago

Seriously. If you actually believe what you’re writing here, I could not be more disappointed. You simply do not understand what is happening. We are at war with the Deep State. Anything you hear President Trump say that sounds a bit off to you is always part of the larger Plan. It’s time for you to do your due diligence and get an understanding of what this is all about.

E. Grogan
E. Grogan
6 months ago

Where is the author getting this krap from? I watched the complete video where Trump talked about building new cities and he never mentioned one thing that would cause any THINKING person to think he was talking about smart cities. And NO he doesn’t give in to globalist propaganda, he fights them tooth and nail and is even now working against them. Look up Law of Warfare and see this:–feb-28-2023-derek-johnson-w-nino-proof-trump-enacted-mil-continuity-of-gov.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=3 Derek Johnson is solid and that comes from military – he also shows a picture of himself meeting with Trump. There are white hats working behind the scenes to… Read more »

6 months ago
Reply to  E. Grogan

Just like he fought tooth and nail for a warped speed vaccine that caused untold unnecessary deaths huh? He was right at the beginning of this scam but then folded like a typical politician trying to save re-election. Maybe you should learn about what’s going on…

Robert Douglas
Robert Douglas
6 months ago

Thank you Mr. Griffin for giving an alternative view of Mr. Trump. Many people have reinvented him in their own image of what they want him to be. He stood behind the globalists push for federal and state control during the pandemic including plying everyone with a stimulus payment that he has never corrected.

6 months ago

Where do you get off, saying Trump was selling the vaxto conservatives? Trump led the way to EARLY TREATMENT.. first with HCQ, then Ivermectin and Chlorine Dioxide Solution…. ALL of which turned out to be fairly effective against COVID19 …as well as being fairly SAFE..

Kindly wonder whether any Trump follower would be a slave in those transhumanist vertical cities?? Let the MORONS sign up… I wonder what the cost will be to thr thus-demoted democrat-tyrants in the blue states that require rebuilding b///c they are useless cesspools now……. ttyl

6 months ago
Reply to  MJRaichyk

He folded on these effective treatments as soon as he was put in his place by the deep state…He actually was bragging about bringing a warp-speed vaccine to fruition…wake up

Ragnar D.
Ragnar D.
6 months ago

I’m ashamed to admit that I had supported Trump and believed that he really was the worst enemy of the globalists. However, his Operation Warp Speed along with his continued lauding of the poison COVID shots finally convinced me that he’s just another dangerous deceiver who does not deserve any support from any American who cares about human liberty. We can add his Orwellian-named “freedom cities” to the list of things for which he should be booed at his rallies.

Stan Stanfield
Stan Stanfield
6 months ago

‘Tis a puzzlement, I agree, and concern, esp. with a) his pushing of the Depopulation kill shots, and b) his having been bailed out of bankruptcy a couple of times by The Bankers, and therefore ‘owes them’. But on balance, he seems very sincere about loving this country; and there is some good evidence that White Hats in the military backed him in his campaign for the presidency (as an Outsider of the Deep State crowd), and that some sort of Pantomime has been going on, apparently for the Good Guys to get as much evidence as they can to… Read more »

6 months ago

This author nailed it! Why don’t you stop looking for answers from a system that is creating the problems? Anyone who still believes in these corrupt governments is doomed.