Google, Apple and Amazon Worked Together to Destroy Parler, a Conservative Social Media Platform

John Matze, CEO of Parler
Parler is a social tool founded by John Matze and Jared Thomson in 2018. The website bills itself as a “free speech” platform, and is similar to Twitter. It gained popularity over the summer of 2020 due to big tech companies’ censorship of conservatives. Google removed Parler from their app store on Friday, shortly after President Trump created a Parler account, sparking multitudes of people around the world to migrate to Parler. Parler was offered as a free app on Apple, which has a software monopoly on installing apps, and Apple also suspended Parler on Saturday, the day that Parler hit #1 on its store. Amazon removed the social-media platform Parler from its web hosting servers. The tech giants cited threats of violence on Parler, but, on the same day, Twitter allowed the message, “Hang Mike Pence” to trend nationally without objections from them.

Founder John Matze said that removing Parler was a coordinated attack by the tech giants to kill competition in the market place. He said: You can expect the war on competition and free speech to continue, but don’t count us out.” Matze said that all vendors have abandoned Parler, including text message services, email providers and even their lawyers. -GEG

On Friday Apple threatened Parler, the free speech alternative to Twitter unless they enact Draconian policies demanded by the Big Tech oligarchs.

Because of Big Tech censorship, Parler is now the fastest growing social media company.

Apple followed through with its threats and suspended Parler indefinitely on Saturday citing threats of violence on the platform.

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Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady
3 months ago

There must be a different way for Parler to continue existing. How does Brighteon, a competitor to YouTube, exist without all the leftist hosting sites? Is there something I’m missing?