Facebook Censored the US Declaration of Independence as a Violation of “Hate Speech”


A Texas newspaper posted an excerpt from the US Declaration of Independence on Facebook, and it was removed for being “hate speech”.  The term “Indian Savages” might have triggered Facebook’s filtering program- it is ironic that the words of Thomas Jefferson are censored in America.  Although the US doesn’t have any “hate speech” laws, Mark Zuckerberg’s company simply applies Germany’s stringent censorship laws in America.

According to Facebook, the Declaration of Independence is “hate speech.”

From The Washington Times:

The Liberty County Vindicator, a community newspaper between Houston and Beaumont, had been posting the whole declaration in small daily chunks for nine days on its Facebook page in the run-up to July 4. But the 10th excerpt was not posted Monday as scheduled, and the paper said it received an automated notice saying the post “goes against our standards on hate speech.”

Part of the standard notice, Vindicator managing editor Casey Stinnett wrote, included a warning that the newspaper could lose its Facebook account, on which it depends for much of its reach, if there were more violations.

The offending passage?

It was part of the document’s “Bill of Particulars” against Britain’s King George III: “He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.”

Mr. Stinnett dryly replied in an article about the rejection, “Perhaps had Thomas Jefferson written it as ‘Native Americans at a challenging stage of cultural development’ that would have been better. Unfortunately, Jefferson, like most British colonists of his day, did not hold an entirely friendly view of Native Americans.”

They eventually reversed the decision after much outrage.

Regardless, this is the whole purpose of hate speech laws. It’s an attempt to criminalize all speech which falls outside of current norms.

Though America doesn’t actually have any laws against “hate speech,” Zuckerberg just applies Germany’s hate speech laws in America.

Read full article here…

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Tom Ball
Tom Ball

With regard to censorship on Facebook, I thought it worth mentioning that I have been blocked from posting on Facebook and my account closed. I mostly posted links to “Need to Know News” with associated comments. Other than that , I voiced my disagreement with David Chandler’s, (of 9/11 fame) liberal view for open boarders with Mexico and my objections to FORCED integration, for which I was summarily “defriended” for being a “racist” , :”fascist” and a “White Supremacist” without any opportunity to respond to the accusation. Perhaps he was offended that I was not at least condescending towards the… Read more »

Ed LaPinskas
Ed LaPinskas

BookFace user – stop feeding the lib loon Nazi Suckerberg and his ilk.
Help shut down soc. media by not using it. We lived for thousands of years w/o it.
We can STILL exist w/o it ?