WordPress Has Deplatformed the Conservative Treehouse News Website

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WordPress informed the Conservative Treehouse that “”given the incompatibility between your site’s content and our terms, you need to find a new hosting provider and must migrate the site by Wednesday, December 2nd.” WordPress reportedly powers more than 34% of all sites on the web. WordPress touts itself as “a free, open-sourced platform that’s accessible for anyone to contribute to, mostly by improving its code.”

An invaluable source of facts, documents, and analysis of the deep state and ruling class is being driven off its web platform. Techno-fascism looms.

Sundance informs us today:

Most CTH readers are likely aware of the term “deplatforming.”  Unfortunately, the big tech control mechanism to shut down speech & assembly has now arrived on our doorstep.

One week after the 2020 presidential election, The Conservative Treehouse received the following notification:

…”given the incompatibility between your site’s content and our terms, you need to find a new hosting provider and must migrate the site by Wednesday, December 2nd.


In the past several days I have begun contacting people to inform and gather counsel on what is the best course of action.  On a very positive note, the Rebel Alliance is stronger than ever and no amount of effort by Big Tech is going to be able to weaken the resolve or block the message.

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2 years ago

It’s important to note that the wordpress.com platform is not the same thing as WordPress software.

WordPress.com is a blogging platform, that is owned and run by a company named Automattic; much in the same way that Blogger is a blogging platform that is owned and run by Google.

The WordPress software is opensource software than is used to build websites.

The Conservative Tree House can be banned from wordpress.com for TOS violations, but it cannot be banned from using WordPress software.