Michigan House Member Matt Maddock Files to Impeach Governor Gretchen Whitmer

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Michigan State Representative Matt Maddock announced that he is filing the paperwork in the Michigan House to start impeachment proceedings against Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The Governor has repeatedly defied court orders limiting her COVID shutdown powers. Maddock wrote on Facebook that Whitmer has committed the following impeachable conduct: violated Constitutional rights, ignored court orders, ignored due process and the legislature, weaponized contract tracing databases to aid Democrat campaigns, used children as political pawns, and caused the premature death of thousands of frightened elderly who died alone in nursing homes.

Myself and the following members: Daire Rendon, Beau LaFave, Ryan Berman, Shane Hernandez, John Reilly, incoming legislators Ken Borton Steve Carra Patrick Outman, Senators Dan Lauwers Lana Theis and a growing list of Legislators are calling forthwith for impeachment hearings for Governor Whitmer.
Michigan voters know she has committed the following impeachable conduct:

Ignored court orders.
Violated our Constitutional rights.
Completely ignored due process and the legislature.
Weaponized contract tracing databases to aid democrat campaigns.
Using our kids as political pawns and denied special needs students who depend on the services that occur during in-person classes.
Caused the unnecessary death of thousands of our vulnerable elderly who died alone and scared in nursing homes.
I’ve listed the first things that come to my mind. What did I miss?

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Linda Fetterly
Linda Fetterly
1 year ago

Thank God for Matt Maddock! At least ONE member of the Michigan Legislature is awake and CARES about Michigan people who have lost their “Mom & Pop” businesses and livelihood! And God bless the Michigan Supreme Court for taking action against that tyrannical politician! Remember that: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!”~Lord Acton.