Portland Protesters Shut Down ICE, Police Stand Down, Protests Spread

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Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has sanctioned the siege of the ICE building as police stand down against protesters who aim to abolish ICE. Protesters have built a tent city and the anti-ICE movement is spreading to other cities across America.

Hundreds of protesters in Portland have surrounded the area’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building, not letting anyone in or out, essentially holding the building under siege, and it has closed temporarily. Under normal circumstances, this would be considered domestic terrorism, but the Portland police are standing down and allowing the protesters have free reign to create havoc wherever they go.  Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler sanctioned the takeover.

The protesters have built a tent city of more than 80 tents, 4 portable bathrooms, 6 couches, a medic’s office, a daycare center and a commissary.  The camp is still seeking mental health therapists.

“Occupy ICE” protests have spread to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Utah and Washington state. There is no clear leader, however, Democratic Socialists of America are involved in most states, alongside groups associated with prison abolition, immigration rights and anarchists.






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Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady
4 years ago

Trump needs to call out the National Guard. The police are supposed to uphold law and order. Anything more than a peaceful demonstration is illegal.

4 years ago
Reply to  Boomer Lady

Only the governor can call out his national guard for this local disturbance. Trump should just withhold all federal funding from Oregon.
Unfortunately, we receive no reports on who is funding these type of civil disturbances nor do we hear about Obama’s 34,000+ Organize For Action warriors.

4 years ago

When the cops are ordered to stand down, that can only mean an on-going agenda at work. Watch Mr. T. backpeddle on the illegals again…

3 years ago
Reply to  KM

It mentions Democratic Socialists are involved. Where were the democratic socialists when they were in power? All school shooters in the USA were democrat. Democrats are secular,humanist,and mentally ill. Buy the book Liberalism is a Mental Illness. No cure. They are a kin to a three legged stool with the third leg missing. The spiritual leg. Many in prison are political prisoners and should be free for the most part, but who put them there? 8 years under a democratic regime had something to do with it me thinks. Now its Trump’s fault????