Portland: Angry Leftists Took Over an Intersection and Attacked an Elderly Gentleman’s Car as He Tried to Escape the Crowd of Protesters

October 9, 2018 DailyMail 2

Portland, Oregon was the scene of another leftist protest that resulted in violence and property damage as a man slowly drove through the crowd, trying to escape as they clubbed his car. The protest was against the police department that reportedly shot a black man, Patrick Kimmons, who had allegedly been involved in a shootout involving at least two other men.


Portland: Antifa Attacked Conservatives at a Rally After Police Removed Barriers

July 1, 2018 ZeroHedge 0

Police set up barricades separating opposing groups. Then, Portland police removed the barricades, Antifa protesters pelted marchers from the conservative group with eggs, water bottles and firecrackers as the marchers spilled out into downtown Portland for their legally permitted march. Portland police then revoked the rally permit and declared it a riot.