The Future of Cars and the Hidden Tax of $4.4 Billion Per Month on Gasoline

Youtube. Elio 3-Wheel Car
David Knight and Eric Peters discuss the dangers of driverless cars, a new hidden fuel tax that costs Americans $4.4 billion per month, the ethanol lobby, the globalist push to make individuals dependent on the state for transportation and how governments are making car ownership inconvenient in order to get rid of them.

Summary by JW Williams

David Knight and Eric Peters discuss the dangers of driverless cars which have been involved in a numerous accidents.  In addition, the batteries and electrical systems present a peril because they can burn for days. The government is promoting these types of unsafe and pricey cars by providing manufacturer subsidies and tax breaks.  The objective is to make car ownership expensive and inconvenient in order to force individuals into becoming renters. Elio Motors has produced a 3-wheel enclosed vehicle that gets 80 miles to the gallon that would sell for $8,000, but they are having trouble bringing it to market because it interferes with the Agenda 21 global objective of making people dependent on the state for transportation.

The men explain how a new hidden gas tax has cost Americans $4.4 billion just last month, and that the money is being used to fund wars in the Middle East.

Eric Peters says that there is collusion between the car industry and the corn ethanol industry pushing for it to be the dominant fuel to be sold in the US.  High octane premium fuel costs 30 to 50 cents more per gallon that effectively doubles the current motor fuels tax that is 50 cents per gallon.

In the UK, they are charging extra for parking diesel engine cars to make it inconvenient to keep them on the road. In some areas of Germany, the government has banned internal combustion engine vehicles. BMW and Mercedes are making new models that are plug-in hybrid capable.

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