The Rift Between Bannon and Trump Is about The Purge of Nationalists

Political analyst, Jake Morphonios, comments on the rift between Steve Bannon and President Trump. Jake defines nationalism as a belief that governments are best when representatives are elected from small geographical areas as close as possible to the people they represent. Globalists believe that it is best when most governing bodies are not elected at all but are composed of administrators appointed by a globally cohesive group of political and financial professionals who, instead of following the wishes of the people, determine policies based on what they think is best for society. To bring this about, globalists believe that nations must be stripped of sovereignty and be merged into a global political structure. When Mr. Trump came into office, his first appointments consisted of one-third nationalists and two-thirds globalists. Since then, all nationalists, including Bannon, have been removed. Today, there are no nationalists left. As far as foreign policy and monetary policy are concerned, Jake concludes that the White House now is totally controlled by the Deep State. [Many of our readers will not like this analysis, but it is difficult to argue with the facts presented. Highly recommended.] -GEG

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3 years ago

I began to notice with the new executive order that the 4th amendment and the bill of rights seemed absent. It looked like world wide civil forfeiture. That was most troubling. I think independents supported Trump and true independents are very cognizant of the Bill of Rights.