GEG Commentary

Brexit Betrayed by UK Government of Globalists

March 20, 2018 Breitbart 0

The UK government has betrayed the Brexit-voting British public by stalling any changes until 2022, agreeing to obey all EU laws and keep the borders open to EU immigrants, granting them full rights – forever. [It’s as though the Brexit vote never happened. The globalists are confident that by 2022 everything will be so chaotic that the nation will have no choice but to beg to be re-admitted to the EU, supposedly as the only solution to their woes. Now it’s up to the Brits to fight back. We shall see.]


The Rift Between Bannon and Trump Is about The Purge of Nationalists

January 5, 2018 Jake Morphonios 1

Many of our readers will not like this analysis, but it is difficult to argue with the facts presented, and it is highly recommended. Globalists prefer governing bodies that are not elected at all but are composed of administrators appointed by a group of political and financial professionals who, instead of following the wishes of the people, determine policies based on what they think is best for society. When Mr. Trump came into office, his first appointments consisted of one-third nationalists and two-thirds globalists. Since then, all nationalists, including Bannon, have been removed.


Will Spain Remove Catalonia’s Government by Force?

October 24, 2017 Fox News 0

Less than half of the eligible voters participated, which means independence is not as urgent an issue as the 90% vote would indicate. The EU Commission, George Soros and the Green Party are behind the drive for independence.


Battle For White House Rages Between Nationalists And Globalists

April 13, 2017 David Knight, InfoWars 2

Republicans are disappointed by cosmetic revisions to Obamacare instead of outright repeal. There also is infighting at the White House between Steve Bannon, who represents nationalism and dismantling of the bureaucratic state (draining the swamp) versus Kushner (Trump’s son-in-law) and Ivanka (Trump’s daughter), who represent globalism and the all-powerful bureaucracy.