Why the Left Promotes Racism Against White People

Fox News
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Tucker Carlson interviews Professor Jason Nichols of the University of Maryland about the double standard in mainstream media when it comes to race.  It now is fashionable for the left to criticize white people and ‘white privilege’ for literally every problem and injustice imaginable.  Increasingly, the Marxist narrative is that wealth and advantage among white people has come, not from productivity or creativity or self discipline or the work ethic, but from a capitalist system that exploits the working class. This narrative is an important part of the psychological conditioning of the masses – including white people – to believe that the only way to eliminate poverty and injustice is to eliminate the last vestiges of the old system of free-enterprise capitalism and replace it with socialism, communism, or some other variant of collectivism.  A secondary goal of this narrative is to encourage everyone to view their racial identity as the most important aspect of their lives and, thereby, drive yet one more spear into the heart of America.  The ploy is as old as warfare. It’s called Divide and Conquer. -GEG

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3 years ago

The key here is the confusion created in people’s minds by saying capitalism is exploiting the working class. The fact is, the working class ARE the capitalists, instead of being the VICTIMS of it. This is typical Alinsky rhetoric. The TRUTH is ‘the idle rich” are the ones who EXPLOIT the working class and reduce them to poverty, using their SOCIAL MACHINERY known today as corporations and government taxation/regulation. THAT is the truth, not this Alinsky rhetoric.

Ian Edwards
Ian Edwards
3 years ago

I agree with you Chris on the economic argument level and Alinsky rhetoric but I also have a different take on the Tucker’s text beneath the caption: I do not equate the pejorative ‘white privilege’ to mean ‘capitalist exploitation of workers’. I take it to mean ‘non white resentment towards the whites – who predominantly built up America over 400 years – and who now demand equal status and privilege but without working for it as the originals did’. As a moral imperative. Given that that’s an impossible and unjust demand to make they will belly ache and complain under… Read more »