President Trump, Neocons, Israel, and Saudi Arabia Support Iran Regime Change

Ron Paul says that President Trump, from the beginning of his campaign, has been opposed to Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran and views that country as an enemy. This is despite the fact that UN and EU inspectors report they have no nuclear weapons. Trump, Israel, and Saudi Arabia support the current protests and are calling for regime change. The protests were coordinated across multiple cities throughout the country supposedly over an increase in the price of eggs, but soon turned into demands to overthrow the government. Paul suggests that Trump’s recent Executive Order allowing him to freeze assets of foreigners may be put to use in this scenario. If all this follows the usual pattern, we may see false-flag attacks against civilians made to look like attacks by the government. Information will be controlled by a corrupt media to fan the flames of public anger against the ‘murderous’ regime, and the final ‘regime change’ will be celebrated as a great victory for justice and liberty. We shall see. -GEG

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2 years ago

It’s not like Iran has a good gov’t for its own people, the US, or the world.

terry shead
terry shead
2 years ago

This once again is history repeating it self, how can sensible American people let this happen?