Could The Iranian Protests Lead Up to Another CIA-Directed Coup?

In 1953, the CIA and the UK directed a coup, known as ‘Operation Ajax’, that overthrew the Iranian government after the populist leader, Mosaddegh, nationalized its oil fields. De-classified documents reveal that the CIA bused in protesters and paid pro-Shah mobsters to stage riots. The Shah was put in power and ruled successfully but was opposed by traditionalist religious leaders and was overthrown in 1979.  Former US President, Jimmy Carter, tried to stage another coup to restore US control over the Iranian government, but it was unsuccessful, and 52 American citizens were taken hostage.  In the 1980s, Iraq invaded Iran, Saudi Arabia then aligned against Iran, and Israel has been attacking Iran for years, claiming that Iranians are causing violence in the Middle East.  The Truth Factory Cat (the author of this report) believes all this is merely a lead up to another planned coup, jointly led by the CIA and Mossad, to bring the government of Iran (and its oil reserves) under US and Israeli control. [There is a lot of speculation in this but definitely worth considering.] -GEG

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2 years ago

The so called Islamic Revolution was a CIA/MI6 coup. The Shah was removed because he stood in the way of the US and UK in the plundering of the country’s oil, uranium and other resources! The Mullah have been obliging fully in secrecy through 3rd parties.