Member of Portland Antifa Bullied for Wanting to Cooperate with Police to Prevent Violence

January 5, 2018 Gateway Pundit 0

She tried to work with the police by providing march routes and other information that could help avoid violence and keep both sides safe. Now she knows that Antifa is not a protest or reform movement but a relatively small group of professionally trained commandos seeking (with the help of their comrades in the media) to create the appearance of widespread outrage against the present administration. Antifa now considers her to be a police informant and a potential threat to others, causing her to feel suicidal.


The Rift Between Bannon and Trump Is about The Purge of Nationalists

January 5, 2018 Jake Morphonios 1

Many of our readers will not like this analysis, but it is difficult to argue with the facts presented, and it is highly recommended. Globalists prefer governing bodies that are not elected at all but are composed of administrators appointed by a group of political and financial professionals who, instead of following the wishes of the people, determine policies based on what they think is best for society. When Mr. Trump came into office, his first appointments consisted of one-third nationalists and two-thirds globalists. Since then, all nationalists, including Bannon, have been removed.

GEG Commentary

Why the Left Promotes Racism Against White People

January 5, 2018 Fox News 2

Increasingly, the Marxist narrative is that wealth and advantage among white people has come, not from productivity or creativity or self discipline or the work ethic, but from a capitalist system that exploits the working class. This narrative is an important part of the psychological conditioning of the masses – including white people – to believe that the only way to eliminate poverty and injustice is to eliminate free-enterprise capitalism and and replace it with socialism, communism, or some other variant of collectivism.


Israel Will Spend $72 Million to Fight against BDS Boycotts with New Program

January 4, 2018 JPost 1

Israel will create a civilian infrastructure (described as ‘civil-society’) that seeks to change the present social order, usually ending in regime change, yet it operates outside of government. In other words, it is revolution by people who do not wear military uniforms. Some examples of civil-society organizations include PACs, unions, activist organizations, religious groups, and private service agencies. Activities of Israel’s ‘civil society’ will include public-relations campaigns, funding trips to Israel for opinion-leaders, and lobbying legislators.


Paul Manafort Sues Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, for Going Outside His Jurisdiction

January 4, 2018 Gateway Pundit 0

Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, is suing Mueller for going outside the legitimate scope of investigation. Manafort was indicted on 12 counts related to unlawful financial dealings. The Special Counsel has paid particular attention to the involvement of Mr. Manafort’s company in a lobbying campaign that ended in 2014, his bank accounts and tax filings through 2014, and personal expenditures from his political consulting work, none of which have any connection whatsoever to the 2016 Trump campaign.


Fatah Honors Murderers of 179 Israelis

January 4, 2018 PalWatch 0

The official Facebook page of Abbas’ Fatah Movement celebrated Fatah’s 53rd anniversary by glorifying eight terrorists from its ranks, four of them female suicide bombers. On Dec. 30, 2017, Fatah posted photos of the terrorists with great praise.


Trump Slams Steve Bannon over New Book

January 4, 2018 CBC 1

A new book, written by Michael Wolff that is highly critical of President Trump, quoted his former senior advisor, Steve Bannon, as saying that Donald, Jr. committed treason and will be indicted. Trump responded by issuing a formal statement saying that Bannon has lost his mind.


Israel Tells Illegal African Immigrants to Accept a Free Ticket Home Or Go to Prison

January 4, 2018 Daily Caller 0

Israel announced it would pay African migrants living in the country illegally $3,500 each plus a free airline ticket, to return to their home countries or ‘third-world countries’, like Rwanda and Uganda. Officials told the immigrants they will face jail time if they don’t leave by spring, 2018. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu characterized the resettlement of African migrants in Israel as disruptive to the country’s culture and social cohesion. [Europe and the US would be wise to do the same.]


California Is a Sanctuary State on Steroids

January 3, 2018 Fox News 3

Illegal aliens are allowed to obtain drivers licenses, free in-state college education, free health care and much more. Over the past few years, 243,000 Californians left the state as refugees and took $8-billion in assets with them. They were replaced by a growing illegal-alien population, largely on welfare and with protected status. California State Assemblyman Travis Allen says 75% of Californians are against a sanctuary state, and 65% of Latinos also oppose it.


President Trump, Neocons, Israel, and Saudi Arabia Support Iran Regime Change

January 3, 2018 Ron Paul 2

President Trump, from the beginning of his campaign, has been opposed to Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran and views that country as an enemy. This is despite the fact that UN and EU inspectors report they have no nuclear weapons. Trump, Israel, and Saudi Arabia support the current protests and are calling for regime change. The protests were coordinated across multiple cities throughout the country supposedly over an increase in the price of eggs, but soon turned into demands to overthrow the government.