FBI Documents Contain Evidence That Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Was An Arms Dealer

A federal judge has ordered the release of FBI court documents on the Las Vegas shooting.  The suspected shooter, Stephen Paddock, sent emails to an account he owned offering to sell automatic weapons.  These documents also show that he frequently traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, which was the location of the ATF field office involved with the Mexican gun-running operation, “Fast and Furious”.  Records show that, when he flew to Phoenix, he would rent a car with a large trunk and, on the same day, drive back to Las Vegas.  Everything points to the possibility that Paddock was a gun runner for the ATF. -GEG

Read documents here…

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christopher scallio
christopher scallio
2 years ago

So the phony Shooter S. Paddock sold underground full auto rifles and yet put bump stocks on semi autos which greatly diminish skill. BULL SPIT!