After 2 Years, the FBI Has Failed to Find a Motive and Wrapped Up the Case, Yet Many Mysteries Remain Unanswered

Stephen Paddock, Wiki
Las Vegas: Authorities have failed to find a motive for the Las Vegas mass shooting two years ago, despite watching video, conducting interviews, listening to 911 emergency phone calls and scouring every detail of Paddock’s life. Paddock is said to have brought 23 bags of weapons up to his room at Mandalay Bay, which is the theory for liability against the hotel. The theory for the motive of the shooting is that Paddock was an aging man with health and financial problems who wanted to gain infamy.  It is a mystery as to why local police waited over an hour to storm Paddock’s room. Paramedic Amber Ratto said that reports of shootings were called in from multiple casinos, including the Tropicana. The final criminal investigation report is 187 pages, with a 3-page summary, and is linked below.


Link to watch video featuring paramedic Amber Ratto relaying that there were reports of shooting that came from  number of casinos, including the Tropicana:

Additional sources:

Las Vegas PD body cam video featuring Jesus Campos was released to the public in 2018 and contains discrepancies that include the video time stamp of 10/2/2017, the day after the shooting event. Campos says in this video that he was shot in the leg by a .22 or pellet gun instead of a high powered assault weapon.


Jesus Campos was interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres.

Criticisms of the Campos interview.


Final Criminal Investigation Report:

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Paddock supposedly fired one thousand rounds by himself? How many shell casings appear in any of the photos of his room? I’ve never seen more than twenty or thirty.

After 2 Years, the FBI Has Failed to Find a Motive and Wrapped Up the Case, Yet Many Mysteries Remain Unanswered | Lucas Daniel Smith's Blog

Going back as far as the Kennedy assignation we never could believe the accepted version of the crime. I am sure that even before that we have been lead to believe untruths told by this government. I wonder what percent of people believe what government says is true?They send us to war because of lies they tell us and we never question the real motives. Vietnam was a total waste of lives and resources as well as Afghanistan but these idiots in Washington never pay for their crimes. Communists lie to their people are we any different with this government?

Ed LaPinskas
Ed LaPinskas

The KGB / FBI has become totally corrupt and useless. Amazingly our tax dollars continue to pay these dolts wages.

After 2 Years, the FBI Has Failed to Find a Motive and Wrapped Up the Case, Yet Many Mysteries Remain Unanswered | WeAreChangeTV.US

[…] 4, 2019 Fox News No Comments This post was originally published on this […]


No motive was found because the Las Vegas shooting was FAKE. The REAL motive is the left wants to take our gun rights away.