Old Controversy Returns: Was Moon Landing A Hoax?

Let’s have fun with this one.  Internet commentator, Paul Romano, tells why he thinks the moon landing was a hoax.  He begins with statements by NASA officials that do, indeed, seem strange – but far from proving his point.  Even the fact that NASA says it cannot find the telemetry records of the moon landing, the greatest scientific achievement of history, is far from conclusive.  The crux of the argument, however, is the fact that scientists now working on a flight to Mars say it cannot be done until the problem of Van Allen Belt radiation is solved.  The Van Allen Belt is a region of intense radiation trapped by the magnetic field of the Earth It is so intense, that it would be fatal for humans to pass through it without sufficient shielding.  Scientists say there is no way to do that with present technology. Well, how about that!  The Moon also is beyond the Van Allen Belt – way beyond. [This video does not mention it, but there is no doubt that, in 1993, astronauts succeeded in repairing the Hubble telescope while it was orbiting in space, but that was at the extreme edge of the closet part of the Van Allen Belt, so radiation at that point was minimal.  The Hubble orbits between 537.4 km to 541.4 km, while the Belt spans between 500 km to 58,000 km.]  So Romano asks, if we don’t have the technology to protect astronauts in 2018, how was it done in 1969?  Good question. [We invite your comments. Incidentally, we think the landing was real, but we have no answer for this question. Without an answer, we might have to change our mind.] -GEG.

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Man! I’ve been wondering about the Van Allen Belt ‘theory’ for years, ever since my buddy told me about it. I HOPE some people ‘in the know’ will inform us about the SCIENTIFIC FACTS, not pseudo-science government propaganda. Like my grandfather would say, “please, Please, PLEEEEEZE!” LOL!


It’s not their responsibility to inform you. It’s your responsibility to find out.



Why would you make disclosure of FRAUD by government my responsibility, when it’s done behind the scenes as intrigue?

Your statement contradicts itself in this context.

Please tell all of us what you have discovered – that you can contribute to this discussion – of the SCIENTIFIC FACTS on the subject?

It is your responsibility to find out because you are the person who wants to know. Before forming a conclusion about whether something is true or not, you need to take the action necessary to obtain the relevant information yourself. It might be nice if people in positions of power would enlighten us, but most of them are never going to perceive that as their purpose. And as long as you think that it’s appropriate to depend on government to satisfy your own lack of knowledge, two things will continue to happen. 1. You will be a government dependent in… Read more »

The old controversy; The only explanation I have ever heard is that they went so fast through the VA belt that their exposure was minimal.
That is quite a plan, I’d say !


They wouldn’t be going faster on the way to Mars?

Robert Zraick

That seems possible. It would be great to find out. There were several trips through the Van Allen belt. While it seems incredible that have lost or recorded over the tapes of the first moon landing, they certainly must not have lost all of the passages through the Van Allen belt. Apollo 13 went through as did several others.


Can you prove that’s not true? Until you can, your statement is rightly doubted.


Oh you have every right to doubt it. You also have every right to remain ignorant as long as you do nothing to improve your own knowledge.


It’s an “Old controversy” if you were born in 1990. If you were born in 1940, like I was, when people didn’t know whether or not the moon was made of green cheese, then it’s still a new thing, and not a controversy but just blatant and unrestrained ignorance. You guys were not taught in school as well as many of those who came before you.


I remember reading from the Obama era that it will take 20 years to go back to the moon with the present technology. But we successfully went to the moon in 1969 with that primitive technology. What’s wrong with this picture?


The article notes, “Scientists say…” Just who are those “scientists”? The Apollo astronauts passed thru the Van Allen belts very quickly and many of the trajectories avoided the inner belt completely. This was covered in the scientific media at the time. Do people really think that 10’s of thousands of participants in the Apollo program could keep a “hoax” of this magnitude secret?

Pat Shannan
Here’s an excerpt from my article in The Barnes Review last year: In 1969, NASA’s most advanced and sophisticated computers were operating at a lower level of technology than that of today’s average cell phone, yet the finely edited-for-TV films were convincing enough to fool even the NASA engineers in Houston and Cape Kennedy. Nearly 50 years later, it is difficult to find a single person in your neighborhood, college campus or hometown church who does not continue to cling to the fairytale of Neil Armstrong’s alleged walk on the Moon. If you happen to be one of these so… Read more »
Two things about the moon landing that seemed convincing — the flag waving in the wind when there’s supposedly no atmosphere on the moon. Whence then comes the wind? Secondly, wormholes and other more advanced forms of space travel that are mediated by consciousness. Wondering if this issue is re-surfacing now for reasons of camouflage to keep us wondering what they’re really about. They lie to us all the time… Why not about this? I don’t believe we went to the moon. Think that’s why Neil Armstrong was so apparently desirous of communicating something he was not permitted to say.
Jerry Hewes

It didn’t happen. Why do you think Gus Grissom et.al. died? Watch the expresssions or emotion elation? of those who “went to the moon.” I can understand why some astronauts would not swear on the bible, but all of them refused.

Jerry Hewes

Forgot… the Russians realize it would take a rocket about 4 times as big as ours. Impossible with the rocketry of the time.

Mike Neely
I was 17 years old at the time and I really don’t like to even think about it as a hoax. However, I have heard about the Van Allen radiation belt and I’m going to have to call a friend, who is a retired ceramics engineer and helped develop the tiles for the shuttle, for his opinion. However, if the picture in the above video is taken from the “moon landing,” the flag is somehow doctored up to make it look like it is waving in a breeze, but the very top edge of the flag is completely straight. They… Read more »
Kyrie Eleison

Check the footage of Kevin Bacon taken in the non-gravity chamber, spinning that helmet, with the moon landing slow motion footage. It doesn’t match. Lack of gravity, as shown in that footage, is not in “slow motion”.

Greg Lunt
I learned of the Van Allen Radiation Belt many years ago when this controversy first came out. They didn’t know then and they don’t know now how to overcome it. It would have taken so much lead to protect them from the radiation that it would never been able to get off the ground! I also watched an interview with one of the men who worked on the Lunar Module who was around 6’4″ tall and weighed around 160 lbs who said he could barely fit through the door. If that was the case how did Armstrong fit through it… Read more »

There is so much evidence which shows overwhelmingly that the moon landings were faked. I’m also extremely surprised that G Edward Griffin doesn’t already know this!

Even if there was no Van Allen Belt, I doubt they would have made it to the moon and back. 1) If they had to land on Earth “somewhere in the water” how is it they were able to touch down on the moon? 2) If there is supposedly no air on the moon, then how did they leave footprints? Since it takes some gaseous substance to make the dirt fluffy. If you put talc powder in a bell jar, suck the air out, and drop a ball bearing onto the powder, it bounces NOT leaving an indent. 3) Since… Read more »

Don’t be deceived by these falsely scientific rationales. Look for the true scientific answers. Contact NASA and ask them. There is a true answer. You need to find it. That’s what responsible reporting is about.

Jack Wilkinson
I was on the pick-up missions for Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 (USS Hornet CV12). We never saw a capsule dropping from the sky suspended by parachutes. The capsules were instead delivered to the ship from beyond the horizon by a helicopter. Since this was before the advent of GPS, and since there was no way to know precisely where in the broad ocean the capsule would fall, how did the helicopter manage to fly off, locate, and pickup the capsules? If that precise information was indeed known, why did the ship not just maneuver closer to the expected point… Read more »
John Vian

Of course the moon landing is a hoax. Flying through 0.1–10 MeV, via the Van Allen belt, is worse than going through a huge microwave. Not going to happen…

Sherlock Holmes is still laughing…. He can not explain how the pictures of the moon landing module show it SPARKLING CLEAN as if it came out of the car wash… How does the module stop its fall to the moon? By firing retro rockets. What is the surface of the moon like? just see how the footsteps show it is powdery.. Now, how is it that when the thrust of the rockets hit the dust and obviously raise a cloud of dust, the module remains sparkling clean? Did the astronauts take it the the Moon Car Wash or did they… Read more »