Las Vegas Coroner Performed Autopsies on Only Half the 58 Victims

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Citizen journalist, Laura Loomer, reports that only half of the 58 victims at the Las Vegas shooting were examined by the coroner, which likely is illegal.  The reason this is important is that proper autopsies would provide information about types of bullets, weapons, and trajectories that might prove that there were multiple shooters.  The essence of this report begins at the 9-minute point. -GEG

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4 years ago

Despite the compelling evidence that nobody died at Route-91, Laura Loomer and Jason Goodman remain unreasonably dedicated to the official lie. They never talk about the evidence for hoax but continue to protect the disintegrating narrative that people were actually shot and killed at Route-91 in the midst of a sea of proven crisis actors. I fear alt-media has been invaded by agents of cognitive infiltration when I see such lock-step adherance to a least-likely conclusion.

4 years ago

Lots of compelling evidence that the Las Vegas “Shooting” was also a HOAX. Listen to yourself, “half of the autopsies were not done because it may show that there were more than one shooter?” How ridiculous that is. What reality are you living in? It was another HOAX ‘shooting’.