Alex Jones Describes the Globalist Strategy to Incite Race War in America

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Alex Jones does an excellent job of describing how George Soros and his friends in the Deep State are working to bring race war to America – and why they are doing so. Here is my summary of the plan: Spend billions to create organizations with the purpose of arousing blacks against whites and whites against blacks. Then create street demonstrations to lead the followers of these groups into confrontation with each other. Then initiate violence to provoke retaliation from the victims who have no idea they have been set up as cannon fodder in what appears to be a genuine race war. Then send in the military to impose martial law to restore order. Then say farewell to what is left of Constitutional rights. –GEG

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Alex Jones Describes the Globalist Strategy to Incite Race War in America - Easton Spectator
4 years ago

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Mark Are
Mark Are
4 years ago

We don’t have constitutional rights. We have UNALIENABLE rights and martial law will be considered making war on Americans and will be dealt with as such.

4 years ago

I fully agree with your summary. They are inciting the people to create chaos, then they will use that to ‘justify’ any abuse of power…