GEG Commentary

Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Caught on Camera

September 27, 2021 Max Resistance 2

The general public is not allowed to see banned videos such as these and, therefore, does not know these deaths are occurring or believes they are exceedingly rare. Here are just a few examples among thousands. Most tragedies of this kind are not recorded. Send this to everyone you care about.

GEG Commentary

Scientists Succeed in Growing Human-Monkey Embryos

April 27, 2021 PhysOrg and ZeroHedge 3

Scientists have successfully grown human stem cells within macaque monkey embryos that were allowed to grow up to 20 days.These scientists apparently are incapable of self restraint and must be stopped by cultural forces, including laws, before they destroy everything. But who will lead this movement?

GEG Commentary

Will Mankind Be Extinct In a Few Years?

March 23, 2021 F. William Engdahl 7

Unless toxic chemical exposures are dramatically curtailed, we may not have the ability to reproduce naturally much longer and, by 2050, most humans in the industrial countries, including China, will need technological assistance to procreate. One can only wonder if this is part of planned depopulation agenda.