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​White House Weighing Plans for Private Spies to Counter Deep State

December 7, 2017 The Intercept 0

Trump is considering a new spy network, organized by Erik Prince of Blackwater, to bypass the ‘Deep State’ and report directly to him and the CIA Director. ​[Although this is labeled as opposition to the Deep State, it IS the Deep state, which is famous for providing its own controlled opposition to deny it the option of victory. If this new unconstitutional unit comes into being, we expect it to continue all the major Deep State policies of the past but in such a way as to gain the endorsement of Trump supporters – and probably of Trump, himself.] […]

GEG Commentary

Texas State University Student Op-Ed Calls for the Death of the White Race

December 1, 2017 Breitbart 2

Rudy Martinez wrote an article ​in the taxpayer funded school’s newspaper, demonizing the white race. He wrote: “Y​our DNA is an abomination” and “I hate you because you shouldn’t exist.” ​[​Universities and colleges aggressively censor “hate speech’ unless it comes from Marxist agitators seeking to lure innocent people into racial conflict and, ultimately, violence. Race war is their goal.] […]

GEG Commentary

‘White Racism’ Courses Being Taught at University

December 1, 2017 DailyMail 0

The real goal of Marxist recruiters ​is not to combat racial hatred but to create it. Why? Because the fastest way to destroy Western culture and convert it to the collectivist bee hive advocated by Marx and Lenin is to create hatred and division among all cross-sections of society​: religion, gender, wealth, and race​. It is time to unite in common cause against the greatest discriminator, hater, and destroyer of all time​, collectivism. (Click for full commentary by GE Griffin) […]

GEG Commentary

“Out of Control Genocide” in Baltimore, Residents Want Martial Law

November 27, 2017 ZeroHedge 2

Baltimore has the highest homicide rate in the United States. Officials blame the violence and crime on poverty, however, drug use (financed by welfare), the media narrative of entitlements, and lack of law enforcement are not considered. Earlier this year, Mayor Catherine Pugh, called in the Federal Government in hopes to restore order. Most people are looking forward to martial law. {Study this scenario carefully. It is the model that is planned for all America.] […]

GEG Commentary

Was 1960s ​’​Hippie Revolutio​​n​’​ a ​Deep-State Psy-Op to Neutralize the Anti-War Movement?

November 23, 2017 The Lip TV2 2

Los Angeles was the birthplace of the fol​k-rock and hippie movement that has many strange ​’coincidences​’​ including​ a​n incredible number of ​early ​rock stars who came from military​-​intelligence families and families ​that were ​highly connected​ politically​.​ Some of the musicians had ​little prior experience in music and ​appear to have been ​selected and ​groomed for their roles.​ […]