Charlottesville, VA: Mainstream Media Is Silent on Antifa Beating of Policeman and Assault Against News Crew

August 13, 2018 Daily Caller 0

About 200 Antifa protesters displayed anger at the one-year anniversary of the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, even though no members of the far-right attended. The leftist domestic terrorists assaulted an NBC news crew and beat a police officer. The protesters lunged at the media for filming the march and they screamed at police for wearing riot gear.


Antifa Professor Admits Carrying Rifle and Chasing James Fields’ Car Before Deadly Crash

January 17, 2018 InfoWars 0

University of North Carolina anthropology professor, Dwayne Dixon, admitted chasing chasing James Alex Fields, Jr. with a rifle, causing Fields to drive into a crowd of other Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters, resulting in one death and dozens of injuries. The media was quick to brand Field’s actions as terrorism but, according to authorities, Fields expressed remorse and shock after the incident, asking “Are they okay?”, suggesting the tragedy was not intended but a result of fleeing from Professor Dixon and his rifle.


Charlottesville Police Chief Resigns After Damning Report

December 19, 2017 Daily Caller 2

Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas resigned following criticism from an investigative report of his handling of the Unite-the-Right rally. The report said that Thomas ordered police to allow the alt-right, KKK, and neo-nazi protesters to violently ​clash with counter-protesters because that would make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly. Thomas denies telling his officers to “let them fight.” Note, however, that the report did not claim that he said “let the fight.” Instead, it accurately reported that he ordered officers to do nothing to interfere.


Charlottesville Police Chief Ordered Stand Down and Wanted Protesters to Fight

December 4, 2017 Information Liberation 0

A new report on the Unite the Right event in Charlottesville reveals that police chief Al Thomas ordered police to stand down, and reportedly said, “Let them fight. It will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly.” The infamous Charlottesville parking garage fight was started by ​a ‘counter-protester’. He was arrested and immediately released on an unsecured bond. ​In spite of the fact that videos shown on the Internet prove he actually instigated the violence, he received $166,000 from crowd-sourced funding.