US: Congressmen Blocked from Visiting January-6 Prisoners They Fear are Being Tortured

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Republican Representatives Paul Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and Louie Gohmert are trying to help dozens of 1/6 Capitol protesters who are being indefinitely detained in prison and reportedly abused and tortured. None of the detainees were violent, none had firearms, and none have been charged with insurrection. When the Congressmen were denied access to the DC Detention Center where the pro-Trump prisoners are imprisoned, they held a press conference and spoke against the “two-tier justice system.” Representative Greene said: “We suspect that there is a two-tier justice system in the United States: one for Trump supporters that are charged for January 6 and the other (catch-and-release) for Antifa and BLM rioters.” Two days earlier, Representatives Matt Gaetz, Louis Gohmert, Paul Gosar, and Marjory Taylor Greene held a press conference at the Department of Justice demanding answers to questions about inhumane treatment of the political prisoners, but leftists screamed until the conference ended. -GEG

Shortly after Representatives Paul Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and Louie Gohmert were denied access to and locked out of the DC Detention Center where January 6 prisoners are being held and reportedly abused, the representatives held a press conference slamming the “two tier justice system.”

Representatives Paul Gosar, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and Louie Gohmert visited the DC Detention Center today for a tour of the facility amid reports of prisoner abuse and torturous conditions, only to be denied access, accused of trespassing, and ultimately locked out of the building.  The facility received a letter last week informing them that the Representatives would be coming by to tour the prison, but received no response.  While inside, the warden lied to the Representatives, saying that a superintendent was outside waiting to speak to them. When the members of Congress walked out to speak to the supposed superintendent, the doors were locked behind them. The prison is a public building and the Representatives had arrived during business hours. Despite this, the members of Congress have been literally locked out of the jail. An attorney who arrived alongside the Representatives has also been prevented from seeing his client.

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1 year ago

And who will ‘save’ these people ?
Are they, I.E., being denied habeus corpus ?
The only sitting POTUS to do that was Abe lincoln

1 year ago

The National Guard should go to jail or prison if fully armed and break in to see these people. This is not American, this is fascism to capture people who were told by the President to go the capitol in peace and peacefully protest. Locking up Americans without being charged with a crime, and not letting anyone see them is ignoring all laws and is complete police state fascism. So when is this going to be changed? Everyone working at that jail or prison needs to be arrested for the crime of kidnapping for one and denial of due process… Read more »