Antifa Stalks Owner Of Truck They Destroyed and Vandalize His Home. Driver Could Face Charges For Self Defense.

Antifa and BLM used a motorcycle to try to block this truck that was attacked. Youtube
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Portland Antifa and Black Lives Matter mercenaries attacked a truck driver, Jordan Hollingsworth, on August 5th. A video showed them blocking his vehicle, slashing his tires, breaking the windshield, and even throwing a motorcycle in front of him to make him stop. He dragged the motorcycle for 12 blocks and was chased by the militants until his truck would no longer run. He eventually got out of his truck and confronted the gang while holding a gun. The mob then stole paperwork from his vehicle with his address. Now they are harassing him at his home by breaking his windows and sending death threats. Now we hear that Hollingsworth may face criminal charges for defending himself. -GEG

On 5 August, Nationalist Review reported that the driver of a pickup truck was attacked by Portland rioters who, while entirely unprovoked, smashed his windows, slashed his tires, threatened him, wedged a bike beneath his undercarriage, and followed him on his retreat to his home after finding his address on documents he abandoned in his destroyed vehicle. At no point was the driver any threat to those engaging in the violent antics of that evening. But still, their attack against him didn’t satisfy their desire for destruction.

After removing documents from his car that had his home address, they decided to continue their harassment campaign against him. Since then, they’ve returned to his house night, after night, after night.

But first, in case you missed our initial report, here’s just one video taken that evening:

That wasn’t enough for them.

Days later, those antifa agitators returned to his home, dumped a massive amount of tree logs on his driveway, smashed the windows of his home, made death threats, and, by totaling his truck, have possibly ruined the livelihood of an honest-working, self-employed man. Now, his family is seeking help from the community of true Americans who support one another in a time of need.

Jordan Hollingsworth was attempting to get home late in the evening when his car approached an unexpected riot. He slowed his vehicle to halt and was immediately set upon by rioters. They pounded on his vehicle, smashed his passenger-side window, attempted to barricade him in using a motorbike, and finally smashed the windshield of his car. At that point, fearing for his life, Hollingsworth fled, dragging the motorcycle beneath his car for 12 blocks before his car ceased running and he was forced to finish his retreat home on foot.

A bit later, Hollingsworth approached the rioters, armed with a gun for his own protection, to explain his views on Black Lives Matter, the situation that had just unfolded, and how he feels about everything taking place in his city:

“I don’t wanna run nobody over, y’all started throwing s*** at my motherfin’ truck. Y’all are stupid man, f***in’ dumb, idiot protesters. You think you’re doing good, but you’re doing bad. I love black people. The s*** you’re doing up there? It’s stupid. You started piling s*** on my motherf***in’ truck for no reason.”

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1 year ago

If you vote for the leftist libTURD democRAT COMMIES, THIS is what you are voting FOR!!

Vote ONLY for conservatives/republicans and not for the RINO (like romney)!!

Diana Zacharias
Diana Zacharias
1 year ago

Charges for self defense? That is the most absurd asinine thing I’ve heard today. Ridiculous. This kind of stupidity will only continue and increase if people don’t wake the hell up and VOTE against this insanity