Oregon Atty General Loses Court Motion To Prevent Feds From Stopping Rioters

Oregon Attorney General AG Ellen Rosenblum, Youtube

Oregon’s far-left attorney general, Ellen Rosenblum, sought a federal court order to prevent the feds from intervening in the ongoing riots in Portland. Her motion was denied today by a judge in the same courthouse that has been subjected to vandalism and arson. US District Judge Michael W. Mosman said that Rosenblum failed to establish that federal agents had a pattern or policy of widely arresting protesters in the streets and, therefore, the state lacks legal standing to seek to halt future incidents. Mosman wasn’t persuaded that danger was real. He discredited the state’s argument that Portland protesters would fear they were being kidnapped by far-right paramilitary groups.

As reported last week, Oregon’s far left attorney general, Ellen Rosenblum, sought a federal court order to protect her terrorist friends and prevent the feds from intervening in the continuous riotous acts that have been ongoing in Portland. Her motion was DENIED today by a judge in the very same courthouse that has been subjected to the repeated vandalism and arson.

Willamette Week reports:

A federal judge on Friday afternoon denied a request by Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum to issue a temporary restraining order against federal officers making arrests of Portland protesters without probable cause.

In his ruling, U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman said Rosenblum had failed to provide sufficient evidence that such arrests were occurring widely in the streets of Portland or were part of a federal policy. (Disclosure: Rosenblum is married to the co-owner of WW‘s parent company.)

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James Keister
James Keister
3 years ago

I guess the AG has never read 1807 insurrection act that has been used a number of times when “peaceful ” protesting turned into riots. The last time it was used was in 1992 by George H.W. Bush.

3 years ago

AG rosenblum must house all protestors in the domicile where it lives. By living among them she can get to know them.

Boomer Lady
Boomer Lady
3 years ago

It boggles the mind to wonder what will be left of these blue cities when these riots are over. It will take billions to rebuild and repair them when the dust clears. How can these city leaders expect that Independents who are 40% of registered voters in most states, will vote for a party that does this to their people. This is huge stupid at its worst.

Craig Michael Vandertie
Craig Michael Vandertie
3 years ago

Rosenblum is an evil Soros family funded Commie bitch who is guilty of and should be charged with treason.