Colorado Governor Pays Children to Get Tested for Covid and Encourages People to Lie to their Families about Getting Vaxxed

Governor Polis encouraged kids and spouses to lie about taking a Covid vaccine: “A spouse, a parent you live with who doesn’t want to get it, is against it… you can still privately get that vaccine without your partner knowing if that’s what keeps the harmony in the family and you are protecting yourself.”


Half of Those Diagnosed with COVID-19 Have Been Vaccinated

July 20, 2021 We Love Trump 1

UK: Vaccinated people, who have taken at least one dose of the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine, make up 47% of new cases of COVID-19, according to a symptom-tracking app. The media claims that vaccines still work, but admit that “millions will still be vulnerable to infection even after getting both doses.”