Romanians and Bulgarians Reject Covid Shots and Sell Off Surplus

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Romania: Only 25% of the population is vaccinated, and Covid cases and deaths are plummeting. The Romanian government sold 700,000 of the Covid shots to Ireland and 1.1-million doses of Pfizer to Denmark. Bulgaria also has low vaccination rates and aims to sell off its excess jabs.

Romanians and Bulgarians have overwhelmingly rejected Big Pharma’s experimental shots and now their governments are selling them off to Ireland and Denmark.

From EU Observer, “Romania selling on its jabs, despite low vaccination rates”:

Europe’s least-vaccinated countries are in no short supply of Covid-19 jabs – and yet Romania and Bulgaria are both looking for opportunities to sell their excess vaccines which they are not able to administer to their own population.
This is happening at a time when the rest of Europe fears both higher vaccines prices and the surge of the more-contagious Delta variant of the virus.
To avoid unused stocks of vaccines from hitting expiration date, Romania recently secured a deal with Ireland.
The Irish prime minister posted on his Twitter account a message announcing an agreement with Romania for the purchase of 700,000 additional doses of Covid-19 vaccines.

The vaccines are to be delivered to Ireland over the course of August and will be provided directly from Pfizer, in the form of a redistribution of doses originally ordered by Romania.

Ireland, looking to slow the spread of the Delta variant of coronavirus, currently has one of the highest rates of vaccination in Europe, with 73.8 percent of its adult population of 3.8 million receiving both doses.

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2 months ago

Great idea but this should also be covered by the lamestream media. We know it won’t be.

Michael Freed
Michael Freed
2 months ago

Nearly two years in & you all still think that any of the politicians are going to admit their error at some point? Really?
Then what? You will all celebrate THIS time that one of their fake plandemics went wrong? After two years and 99% of the population still too terrified to prosecute politicians for crimes like this, you will consider any slow down in their plans a victory?
So long as we refuse to stop worshiping them and allow them to do this with impunity, they will do it again.

2 months ago

These “so-called” vaccines are bogus. Covid-19 wasn’t ever isolated & identified using established Koch’s postulates methods. How can one have a vaccine for a virus that was never identified. The PCR tests are another fraud. Adjust the cycle method and motor oil can test positive. This plandemic is a total lie perpetuated on humanity. Let’s not overlook the fact all of the shots contain graphene oxide, a well-known poison. How else do you explain the massive deaths in animal testing—–that was halted.

2 months ago

It appears that the Slavs do not have a slavish mentality, having suffered through 50 years of overt communism. The Irish, Israelis, other super vaccinators? MEH.