PCR Tests are the Key to Covid Fraud and False Reporting of ‘Cases’

Covid Test, Unsplash
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PCR tests used to diagnose COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) are widely known to be incapable of diagnosing infection. Even Dr. Fauci has admitted the problem of PCR false positives when the machines are dialed up to too many amplification cycles. Even when the tests are not turned up too high, they still don’t work as intended because they are not designed to diagnose illness in the first place. They are lab instruments designed to amplify detection sensitivity of microbes for research analysis only. They definitely are not specific for SARS-CoV-2, because no one even knows for sure what they are looking for. Since the COVID-19 virus has never been isolated or photographed, the virus hunters simply guessed what the DNA segments likely would be like, and that is what they are looking for. Even so, the theoretical fragments happen to be found in many other illnesses including common colds and seasonal flu. Viola! If you catch a cold, the PCR will report that you are COVID-19 positive. PCR false-positive results explain how COVID cases and deaths increase, how vaccinated people can test positive, how a piece of fruit can test positive, how cases can ‘spike’ during lockdowns, how asymptomatic people can be diagnosed with COVID, and why COVID ‘kills’ people who really die from something else. -GEG

The PCR tests don’t work to diagnose active infection with covid19.

We all keep saying that don’t we, but we don’t seem able to grasp what it means, because even though we know PCR tests don’t work to diagnose infection we keep accepting all the statistics that are produced as a result of assuming PCR tests diagnose infection.

We say – “0h wow, covid numbers rising despite the lockdown”. Or “massive spike in people getting covid in THIS care home despite precautions”. Or “look the ‘vax’ doesn’t work because people who get it still catch covid”.

No. Wrong. They’re not “covid numbers”, they’re positive-test numbers. It’s not a spike in people ‘getting Covid’ in the care home, it’s a spike of people testing positive. The people who get the vax don’t “still catch covid”, they still test positive.

And the reason why these ‘anomalies’ happen, the reason why vaxxed people can still test positive, etc etc is the same reason a papaya can test positivebecause the PCR tests don’t work.

We know it but keep forgetting it. So let’s say it again.

The PCR tests don’t work.

The PCR tests. Don’t. Work.

We all know the danger of false positives if too many cycles are run. This is admitted even by Fauci.

If you run your tests at 30 cycles or more the results are very likely to be junk and any positives meaningless. And, incredibly, most labs performing these tests have been doing just that – running cycles of 30 or more, even up to 45.

But this well known and important fact hides the even more important fact that even when the tests are done properly they still don’t work – in that they are not designed to do what they are being used for.

They don’t diagnose infection or detect active infection. They aren’t, for the most part, even specific for SARSCOV2. They just look to see if you have some random fragments of RNA in your body that someone has identified as being similar to some types of assumed viral RNA.

Even if the test truly finds this stuff inside you, and isn’t just spewing out nonsense from having its cycle threshold set too high, there is literally nothing to show this bit of junk has anything to do with your runny nose, sore throat, pneumonia or death. It might, but much more likely does not.

They weren’t even designed using real viral RNA from the (alleged) Sars-Cov-2 virus. They used “synthetic RNA” or “contrived sources”, because there were no isolated samples of Sars-Cov-2 available.

The CDC says that the 59 different PCR tests on the market can’t have their performance` compared…because they all used different “contrived samples” for their production.

So, in terms of diagnosis or epidemiology, the information we get is little better than if we took a six-sided die, labeled one side ‘positive’ and five sides ‘negative’ and started rolling.

Looked at like that, the mystery of post-vaccine “breakthrough infections” or “repeat infections” or “lockdown spikes” etc is not so mysterious is it? Turns out there’s one simple answer to all of them.

Why can you test positive and then negative and then positive again on the same day?

Because the tests don’t work.

Why do ‘breakthrough cases’ turn up?

Because the tests don’t work.

Why do ‘spikes’ sometimes happen during lockdowns?

Because the tests don’t work.

Why can you ‘catch covid’ more than once?

Because the tests don’t work.

Why can you ‘have covid’ without symptoms?

Because the tests don’t work.

Why does covid only ‘kill’ people already dying of something else?

Because the tests don’t work.

Why can you test positive after getting vaxxed?

Because the tests don’t work.

Why can a piece of fruit have covid?

Because the tests DON’T WORK.

Why does all-cause mortality not show any sign of a real pandemic?

Because theres isn’t one, because the killer bug is an illusion created by tests – that don’t work.

Absorb this fact. Internalize it. Stop talking about ‘cases’, stop buying the fundamental lie which sells all the other lies.

The pandemic is as real as the tests. And the tests don’t work.

The powers that be have even basically admitted it. Over and over again.

Why did the WHO start warning about false positives and high CT values after the vaccines were “approved”?

Because they know the tests don’t work.

Why is the CDC testing vaccinated people at lower CT values than unvaccinated people?

Because they know the tests don’t work.

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1 year ago

canadian court first to declare covid is a fraud, no one is able to supply
an isolated sample of this so called virus, so if there is no isolated sample
there is no virus. wake up every body you are being lied to

Donald Lewis Sr
Donald Lewis Sr
1 year ago

Really love your news and analysis.

1 year ago

This is Basic brain washing techniques .
Our world doesnt have a true leader that will follow the science and right such errors.
SO SAD the Manipulation of Mankind !
Thanks for your News and for Putting out there
You have Honour !

1 year ago

Great explanation of the falseness of the PCR test and how the media is drumming on it to frighten the people into getting the vaccine which is the real man made pandemic. Deaths by the thousands and disabilities caused by the vaccines are being covered up by the media. The vaccines will turn those vaccinated into super spreaders of the spike protein which is the weapon being used for population reduction.