Houston: Fast Food Worker who Fired Gun at Customers Receives Just 1 Year Probation

Jack in the Box manager firing gun at customers, Youtube screenshot
Alonniea Fantasia Ford, the manager of a Jack in the Box restaurant in Houston, allegedly shot a handgun at a family in a vehicle at the drive-thru window after they complained that the curly fries that they ordered were missing and an argument ensued. Ford claims that racial slurs were uttered by Ramos once the curly fries were withheld. Ford also claims the gun did not go off even though the Houston police said a spent shell casing was found at the scene, and you can see the handgun discharge and eject a shell casing in the video.  Ford was originally charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but was allowed to plead guilty to ‘deadly conduct’ which resulted in one year of ‘deferred adjudication’ which entails no jail time.

The customer is now suing Jack in the Box alleging that the company is negligent in its hiring practices for having Ford on staff as she previously plead guilty to making “terroristic threats” in 2012.



When Anthony Ramos picked up his 6 year old and pregnant wife Jeraldin Ospina from Houston’s Bush airport in 2021, he wanted two number 2’s “Classic Buttery Jack” and some curly fries.

He got the burgers but not the curly fries.

And instead of the curly fries, he got a side of lead when he asked for the manager.

The motto of the Jack-in-the-Box franchise is ‘we don’t make it ’till you order it.‘ Ramos didn’t order gunshots but the manager of that Jack in the Box, Alonniea Fantasia Ford, gave them in the middle of a dispute over the missing fries.

Ramos is now suing Jack in the Box alleging that the company is negligent in its hiring practices for having Ford on staff. Ford had previously plead guilty to making “terroristic threats” in 2012, and Ramos claims that had the company performed a simple background check they would have discovered the prior criminal convictions.

The video was released as part of legal discovery this week. The full video is here.

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joe in Missouri
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