Chicago Protesters Call for Resignation of Mayor Rahm Emanuel over Increase in Gun Violence that Killed 12 over the Weekend

August 8, 2018 Fox News 0

About 200 protesters shut down a busy street in a wealthy area in Chicago expressing outrage over Chicago’s gun violence and calling for the resignation of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Chicago recently recorded its deadliest weekend of he year with 66 people shot and 12 murdered. Rahm Emanuel, acknowledged that there are too may criminals on the street when they should be in jail. He also said there are too many guns on the streets, which is ironic inasmuch as guns are tightly controlled in Chicago.


UN Troops May Be Deployed on the Streets of Chicago to Stop Mass Gun Violence

December 20, 2017 InfoWars 2

Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin is considering putting UN soldiers on the streets to combat gun violence, saying that UN ‘peacekeeper​s’​, would be more suited to patrolling the streets than the US National Guard because they are better “trained” for the role. ​[That means they are more likely to obey orders to shoot Americans.] ​Earlier this year, President Trump suggested deploying the National Guard in troubled areas of Chicago, but his idea was fiercely opposed by Democrats.