Prosecutors Warn that Los Angeles District Attorney Gascon’s Decision to Downsize the Hardcore Gangs Prosecution Unit Is a Disaster

George Gascon, Wiki
Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon, whose campaign was funded by George Soros, plans to downsize the Hardcore Gangs unit, one of the oldest units in the office that is responsible for prosecuting the most heinous gang-related crimes in the country. Prosecutors have already been banned from using gang and gun enhancements and they warn that disbanding the Hardcore Gangs unit will be a disaster waiting to happen, given the surge in violent crimes across Los Angeles.

Following the news, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department issued the following statement:  “While gang members are busy driving up LA county’s homicide rate, DA Gascón is now dismantling the Hardcore Gang Unit that works in collaboration with local law enforcement. This can only serve to add gasoline to a raging fire of gang violence that threatens the safety of all. This is not reform, it’s beginning to look more and more like a suicide pact.”

Two weeks after FOX 11 reported on major changes possibly coming to the way Los Angeles prosecutes gang-related crimes, sources confirm to Bill Melugin that George Gascón will downsize the County DA Office’s Hardcore Gangs unit.

Sources in the LA County DA Office’s Hardcore Gangs told Melugin that they were informed by the office’s upper management Wednesday evening that their unit will be downsized. On top of the downsize, the unit will be renamed because “administration doesn’t like it,” Melugin reports.


“So there isn’t going to be a hardcore gang unit anymore, because I guess the DA, George Gascon, finds that term offensive to the community,” a prosecutor in Gascón’s office told FOX 11 under the condition of anonymity.

The prosecutor was one of the members of the unit who were called to the meeting to learn that the Hardcore Gangs unit was going to be downsized.


Heading into Wednesday’s development, the Hardcore Gangs unit has about 700 active cases and sources told Melugin that management admits the rollout of the change will be a “nightmare.”

“The gang unit was pretty much decimated,” the prosecutor told FOX 11.

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16 days ago

Another compromised politician that is being blackmailed.
Part of the multi spectrum, uncoventional warfare that has been waged on We the People for decades.
All three branches of most state, local and federal goverments are compromised.
Family courts, criminal courts, obscure departments pushing commi/masonic/deep state agenda.
It’s just plain evil that needs to be snuffed out.