Patriot Examines Creepy Slides Used during a Secret Government Retreat


Gary Gileno uncovers a slide presentation that was used in a secret vacation retreat for California mayors, city council members, city managers, and county supervisors. The slides relate to government plans that the average citizen would be shocked to know are underway – including such things as war games in local areas, to ‘Smart City’ programs to control the population, to laws that encourage crime and allow for the early release of violent criminals. -GEG

Summary by JW Williams

The first set of slides covered the National Training Center (NTC), introducing aspects of military combat to the politicians. NTC claims that its land mass is the size of Rhode Island with ample maneuverable space for war games. Jade Helm-15 war games designated this area as hostile territory for training purposes.

The slides taught the politicians how to removing citizens from public meetings and how to handle a contentious crowd. The assumptions are that taxpayer citizens are the enemy.

The next topic was the ‘Smart City’ program that uses the deployment of sensors and the continuous collection of data. The program will be implemented with 5G technology that connects surveillance devices. 5G is a military-grade weapon with millimeter wave technology which, incidentally, has not been tested for adverse effect on human health. The presentation actually states that one of the reasons they are implementing the Smart CIty program is “Because we can.”

A particularly disturbing part of the presentation is the analysis of the new laws that minimize the punishment of crime and mandate the early release of prisoners. The US Supreme Court ruled that California’s prisons were too overpopulated and ordered the State to reduce the prison population. The State implemented AB109/ Prop 47/ Prop 57 which mandates early release for prisoners and downgrades serious crimes – essentially de-criminalizing violent and serious crimes. Theft of items less than $950 has been reduced to a misdemeanor, even for repeat offenses, which encourages theft. Many violent felonies were re-categorized as ‘non-violent’, including assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer, assault with a deadly weapon on a civilian, exploding destructive devices with intent to cause injury, human trafficking of a minor, domestic violence, rape and sodomy on an unconscious or drugged person, and committing arson on forest land.

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