Antifa Riots in Atlanta and Congresswoman’s “Non-Binary Daughter” Is Arrested in Boston

Democrat Congresswoman Katerine Clark and Jared 'Riley' Dowell, Youtube
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Antifa was protesting a new police training facility in the woods near Atlanta. Police were clearing the camp and an Antifa member shot a Georgia state trooper. Police returned fire and shot and killed Antifa member Manuel Esteban Paez Teran. Over the weekend, Antifa held a revenge riot in downtown Atlanta following the shooting and vandalized police cars and businesses. Six rioters were arrested. In support of Antifa in Atlanta, about 20 Antifa leftists vandalized an area in Boston. Democrat Congresswoman Katherine Clark is the mother of Jared ‘Riley’ Dowell, 23, who was arrested for allegedly spraying anti-cop graffiti on a  and striking a police officer in the face. Dowell was “designated male at birth” but identifies as ‘non-binary’.



Summary by JW Williams

Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, aka “Tortuguita,” died in a shootout with police on January 18 at an encampment erected in a wooded area at the site of a future 85-acre, $90 million police and fire training center that features a mock city. Antifa-affiliated demonstrators have been protesting the training center, which they’ve dubbed “Cop City,” for months.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) said law enforcement officers were clearing the encampment when they encountered Teran, who was inside one of the tents. GBI reported that officers gave verbal commands to him, but he failed to respond. Teran shot a Georgia State Patrol Trooper in the abdomen, who suffered serious injury despite wearing a bullet-proof vest. Other law enforcement officers returned fire on Teran, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Antifa called for a “Night of Rage” and organized a riot using the Twitter account “Scenes from the Atlanta Forest” against police and their allies as revenge for the shooting of Teran. On Saturday January 21, Antifa set a patrol car on fire, smashed the windows out of businesses, and attacked police with fireworks. Some news outlets continued to refer to the uprising as a peaceful demonstration.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens reported that many of the rioters came to Atlanta from other areas. Six suspects were arrested for domestic terrorism and other charges in the wake of the violence.

In a related incident, Antifa inspired property damage in Boston as twenty vandals sprayed anti-police graffiti on the Parkman Bandstand monument and police officers were injured while arresting the criminals. Democrat Congresswoman and House Minority Whip Katherine Clark is the mother of Jared ‘Riley’ Dowell who was arrested for allegedly spraying anti-cop graffiti and striking a police officer. Dowell was “designated male at birth” but identifies as ‘non-binary’. Dowell was released on $500 cash bail.

Tucker Carlson reported that Antifa is the largest armed political militia in the United States. They act on behalf of the Democrat party. Antifa committed violence and murder to defeat Trump in 2020 by making the country so chaotic that voters would want change. Kamala Harris donated to springing Antifa members from jail.

Carlson compared the treatment of Antifa, the shock troops for the Democrats who have largely gone unpunished, to the non-violent January 6 protesters who received harsh prison sentences. Many Antifa members are the progeny of wealthy liberals. Carlson called for investigating the funding of Antifa and their leaders to bring RICO charges against them.

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) said that Antifa is responsible for $2 billion in property damage and the deaths of many people, but the war is against police as they are the ground troops for the Democrat party. Antifa avoids prosecution. MTG is introducing legislation to declare Antifa domestic terrorists so that they can be arrested and prosecuted as terrorists. Antifa defends Democrat causes such as exposing children to drag queens and COVID mask and vaccine mandates.


Police Tribune:


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