Mail-In Vote Fraud Discovered in Oregon and New Jersey

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Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Oregon voters had their party changed from Republican to Non Affiliated without their permission, consent, or knowledge. In New Jersey, 700 Republicans who received mail-in ballots for the primary found that all of the candidate options were Democrats. In addition, about 3,200 ballots out of 17,000 were not counted in Patterson, leading the local NAACP to call for a redo of the election. In Texas, Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls says an unidentified postal worker threw away a bundle of his campaign mailers last week. A local business owner provided a video in which a postal worker can be seen throwing an object in the dumpster behind a building. When he checked the dumpster, he found the Sherrif’s re-election-campaign fliers. -GEG

Gateway Pundit readers may recall a recent report we published that shed light on hundreds, possibly thousands, of Oregon voters who mysteriously had their party changed, most from Republican to Non Affiliated, without their permission, consent or knowledge, effectively denying them the right to vote in their party’s primary and disqualifying them from being Precinct Committee Persons.

The ballots were mailed to their home by state officials.

The Democrat state leaders in Oregon denied they were at fault and asked Facebook to delete all mentions of the story.  This was despite OVER 2,000 Oregon voters speaking out on the violation.

Despite hundreds of people coming forward with similar stories about how they received a non affiliated ballot, and despite many screenshots from the Facebook group mentioned in our article, Facebook’s infamous far left “fact checkers” later deemed the story as “misinformation” at the request of the Oregon state government.

Well it happened again…  And only to Republican voters!

Western Journal reported:

Many Republican voters in one New Jersey community got a surprise when they opened their mail ballots for a July 7 primary.

Their choices were all Democrats.

Between 500 and 700 Republicans received the wrong ballots out of about 2,400 enrolled Republicans in Bernardsville, reported.

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timothy Ray senger
timothy Ray senger
2 years ago

America cannot afford to wait before taking action, and i mean now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is total tyranny, these are crimes!!!!! rule of Law applies!!!!!!!!!! let’s dig in and root these criminal’s out!!

MJ Raichyk, PhD
MJ Raichyk, PhD
2 years ago

honestly, how many people have had their bills not show up as needed to be paid? bet nearly all have had some bills go MIA…..
so why the expectation of reliable snailmail — particularly under the hiring insanities imposed by the P.C. of the DC hierarchy….. pony express mythology?
vote by mail is a joke……. ttyl