Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Caught on Camera

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This is not a news story except to the extent it IS news to those who see only mainstream programming. The general public is not allowed to see banned videos such as these and, therefore, does not know deaths are occurring or believes they are exceedingly rare. Here are a few examples among thousands. Most tragedies of this kind are not recorded. Send this to everyone you care about.

Link for video here:

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Ragnar D.
Ragnar D.
8 months ago

It’s becoming more and more difficult to call it the “health” care industry. Reiner Fuellmich interviewed Dr. Bryan Ardis who explained that the patients hospitalized with “COVID” at the beginning of the scamdemic were being murdered in the ICU with the highly toxic remdesivir which caused renal failure which led to pulmonary edema and then death. But this would be called a COVID death so that they could scare us with the skyrocketing COVID death rate.

Petra Sarmiento
Petra Sarmiento
8 months ago

It is all the same here in the Philippines. Just two months ago, a family of 4 in the Visayan region died a few days after the injection of the bioweapon. These report of deaths where uploaded at Brighteon channel and policefilestonite webpage (in Filipino). One report of death was covered by healthimpact Strangely, more than 99 % of Filipinos have been thoroughly brainwashed by MSM, the medical establishment and politicians, so that they would accept vaccination. With the same narrative, MSM and doctors covered up the deaths. This October, the government is into vaccinating kids ages 12-17 years… Read more »