TikTok Censored Testimony from Vaccine-Injured Student Athlete

John Stokes, Youtube
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John Stokes, a Tennessee State University golf team member, made a video about how he suffered myocarditis (heart inflammation) four days after his second Pfizer dose on August 31. He implored people to learn the risks of taking the vaccine and said he wished someone had informed him. After his second shot, he had flu-like symptoms and chest pain that hurt so much he was unable to sleep. While the extreme pain has subsided, he still has chest pain and it is unlikely he can pursue his sport in his senior year. A member of TikTok’s Team-Halo community, which is “organized by the United Nations and the Vaccine Confidence Project” to promote vaccines, said the testimony was banned because it may have sown doubt about the value of vaccines. -GEG

A TikTok video by a vaccine-injured NCAA student athlete was censored after the post went viral.

In the video, Tennessee State University golf team member John Stokes, 21, discussed how he suffered myocarditis, or heart inflammation, four days after his second Pfizer dose on August 31.

“I’m in the hospital right now with heart complications from the COVID-19 vaccine. I want to inform as many people as I can about the risks from taking the vaccine that I wish someone would have told me,” Stokes said.

“I’m a Division 1 student athlete with no prior health issues and I got the second COVID shot Tuesday, and within four days I have been diagnosed with myocarditis and was told that I probably won’t be able to play my senior season now.”

According to Yahoo! Life, Stokes’ post, which garnered over 4.5 million views and “hundreds of thousands of likes,” was removed by TikTok for violating unspecified terms of service guidelines.

“Stokes, who denies the video violated any of TikTok’s community guidelines, filed an appeal to have the video reinstated, which the social media platform allegedly denied,” Yahoo! reports.

Stokes described his post-vaccine experience to Yahoo!:

Stokes tells Yahoo Life that he received his second COVID-19 vaccine shot on Aug. 31. Shortly after, he says, he developed common, temporary “flu-like” side effects, which included body aches. However, his chest pain, which he initially likened to a “gas-like” feeling, soon got worse.

“I told my parents something wasn’t right, and we called the doctor,” Stokes says. “He told me to go to the ER. They diagnosed me with myocarditis, and they told me it was from the vaccine. I was hospitalized for several days after.”

While in the hospital, Stokes says his heart initially hurt so much that he was unable to sleep. He was monitored by doctors and given Tylenol and a second anti-inflammatory agent whose name he was unable to recall. His doctors, he explains, did not want to give him additional medication and advised him to rest. Eventually, the extreme pain subsided, though he says he still has chest pain that is, however, more manageable.

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