Canada: Mandatory Vaccines & Passports Planned for Govt Workers, Also air & Train Passengers.

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Canada: Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said that all 300,000 federal government employees and hundreds of thousands more who work for government-owned or federally-regulated companies will be required to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Workers who object may be fired. In addition, mandated jabs are being planned for commercial air travelers, passengers on interprovincial trains, and cruise ships. Quebec Premier François Legault is refusing to hold a debate in the legislature on vaccine passports because he says he fears Quebecers would be exposed to conspiracy theories. Legault says that debates and legislative hearings are not needed because the three largest opposition parties support the order. On Saturday, thousands of outraged citizens gathered in the streets of Montreal to protest. -GEG

Canada’s government will soon require all public servants to be vaccinated against Covid, two ministers have said, while mandatory vaccinations are also looming for air and train travelers.

Speaking during a news conference on Friday, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra announced plans to greatly expand the scope of mandatory vaccinations in Canada. In the coming weeks, all government employees and people working in certain industries subjected to federal regulations – such as airlines and railways – will be required to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

While Canada boasts one of the highest inoculation rates in the world – over 80% of eligible citizens have received at least one jab – the country still “must do better,” the minister argued, saying making vaccinations mandatory for the public sector will help to speed up the inoculation process.

Being vaccinated against Covid-19 will become an enforced condition to enter their workplaces, Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Dominic LeBlanc warned during the same news conference, and federal workers who refuse to get a jab risk losing their jobs.

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Major Tom
Major Tom
9 months ago

It should be of interest to note that Omar holds both a Syrian and a Canadian passport….he was raised in Saudi Arabia and was president of the Canadian Arab League…..He is in charge of Canada’s seaports and airports……’nuff said……